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Full Version: Conversion HDR to SDR
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Color distortions.
original color
[Image: 38e57a07d0ac5e4d3053d187a68949cd.jpeg]

Color in the Preview window and in the resulting file
[Image: _ed6b74ff0af3d73332bd0d47b923fbde.jpeg]

Turning the Colormatrix filter on or off does not affect.
ColorMatrix will only adjust the color matrix and not handle the HDR meta data. (those are different things!)
If you want to convert HDR to SDR, you need to use tone mapping filters like under 'Filtering->Vapoursynth->Color->HDR to SDR'.
Hybrid does not support tone mapping through Avisynth, but you can write a custom section and adjust the mapping yourself using filters like:
  • DGTonemap
  • libplacebo_Tonemap

Cu Selur