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Full Version: audio delay in output with ts file
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there is an audio delay in the output, in the audio settings there is a delay setting but changing it does nothing, in the preview it gets fixed but not in the output, it does not happen with all videos but mostly with tv recordings in ts format with mp2 audio, there is not delay with other conversion software like avidemux,handbrake,ffmpeg, the problem is fixed if i reconvert the file with another software, i can't post the files because they are copyrighted
Read the sticky, provide proper details.
If your input is captured, make sure it has no errors. Hybrid handles audio&video separately, so if the source if buggy, unlike ffmpeg, handbrake and avidemux it can't compensate errors by delaying audio or video to compensate for errors in the source. Hybrid is not meant to work with broken/buggy content, for transportstream stream remuxing with mkvtoolnix or using tools like tsdoctor might help.
Also make sure that if you change the delay in Hybrid, those changes are included in the AudioQueue,...

Cu Selur
and what kind of cointainer are you using? i also have sometimes audio/video displacemnet on MP4 container... easly fixable: CONFIG --> CONTAINERS --> MP4 -->  FFMPEG INSTEAD OF MP4BOX ( but i prefer to use MKV container )
thanks, if i put the file in mkvtoolnix first it works, no more delay, is there a way to fix it directly in the software?
Without knowing what is causing the issue: No clue.
just noticed that in the original files the audio starts before the video, that might be the issue but video players seem to fix it, i noticed that the in the mkvtoolnix trick there is still some delay (not when the file is played but in the hybrid output) mediainfo also says in the original file mp2 track "delay relative to video = -404ms"
Hybrid should copy that delay from mediainfo and apply it to the output, but it might not be correct,...