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Full Version: Embedded subtitles get squished or stretched
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When adding PGS subtitles and enabling "embed subtitle in frame", the text is squished when cropping the video left/right, and the text is stretched when cropping the video top/bottom.

In these examples the first image is the Hybrid encode and the second image is the source.
Try changing the subtitle filter order
Took a while to figure out where to do that but it worked. I set it before "crop".

What do the bolded filters mean?
It would be cool if, in the list, the filters in use were in bold text, and filters not in use were in normal text.
The filters in bold should be the used filters,...🤷
Ah, then something isn't right. For example I'm doing a resize but that filter is not bold. Frameinterpolation is bold but I'm not using it.

Also, when I rearrange the list the bold text doesn't move with the filter, it stays in place.
Today in London, will look at tomorrow,..😊
Need a step-by-step, can't reproduce this here.
I load a source, enable 'Filtering->Vapoursynth->DeBlock->Deblock', check 'Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Filter Order/Queue' => Deblock is bold.
I then select 'Deblock', press the up- and down-button it moves and stays bold.
I then drag&drop 'Deblock', it stays bold.
I disable 'Filtering->Vapoursynth->DeBlock->Deblock' and it's not highlighted anymore.
Send you a link to a dev version, which updates the filter list more often, maybe that helps.

Cu Selur