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Full Version: AAC7.1 to EAC3 or DTS 7.1
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I have a video file (MKV) where the audio is encoded in AAC 7.1. My output device does not support multichannel 7.1. I have tried to convert to either EAC3 or DTS (both supported), however the output has been changed from 7.1 to 5.1. Is there anyway t0 achieve 7.1 output?
No, since there is no free eac3 7.1 or dts-hd encoder afaik.
What does your device support?
Ah thanks, that explains it!

The soundbar supports Dolby Digital, Digital Plus and TrueHD, and DTS and DTS-HD. If I play file through Kodi on my Windows PC all is good as that will convert to 8 channel PCM (I think - it says mulitchannel PCM and it sounds like it), however playing directly from the TV media player will not decode the AAC, hence I was hoping to convert.

Always go round it using Popcorn on 5.1 AAC tracks and converted just to Dolby Digital, but that crashes when trying to deal with a 7.1 source. Can obviously convert to a 5.1 track instead, but don't like to be beaten! Wink
Seems like your only option would be to convert your audio to PCM then.

Cu Selur
Thanks, I will just let Kodi do all the work Smile