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Full Version: Vapoursynth Preview Sometimes not working or taking so much time but will not open
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Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.

Could someone please help me why Vapoursynth preview not working or taking so much time to show filter effect on the video.

I am using RTX 6GB 3060 Graphics card.
Depending on the filtering it can take a while for the preview to open.
Especially if you use machine learning filters that use tensor rt since for tensorrt eachtime a new resolution is used a new .engine file gets created.
Also some filters or filter combinations are slow since they require lots of computations.
-> share proper details on what you are doing.
Thank you for your response.
Below are the steps I followed:
1. Add the file like a movie for around 1 and half hours.
2. Then go to the x264 tabĀ  add bitrate like 20k.
3. AVC profile choose 5.1
4. Go to Crop and resize select picture size 1440x1080p;
5. Go to de-interlace/telecine tab choose Bob, show settings, openCL, Denoizer, and then lossless.
6. Go to Vapoursynth Tab
6.1 Go to Artifacts and choose Spotless.
6.2 Go to Frame and select interpolation frames to 60fps
6.3 Go to resize and try to choose either Basicvsr++ or RealCUGAN or realESRGAN or any other.
6.4 Go to other and select BasicVSR++
6.5 Then click vpy preview but it's not opening for a long time even waiting for 10-20mins.

Please suggest do I need to make any changes or settings like for GPU or something else I can do at my end.
Especially, BasicVSR++ requires a lot of resources when called on HD content.
When you start the preview, open your taskmgr and check the gpu usage.
On my 4080 it takes around 10 seconds for the preview to open with (just) BasicVSR++ on hd content and it uses around 8GB VRAM.
My guess is you might be running out of vram and the preview might crash without reporting an issue.
Try whether it helps you use tiling, for example 480x360.
Hello @selur
I am trying on SD video like 480p with 1280x720 so its opening with BasicVSR++ but then adding the resize in ti like realcugan or RealESRGAN or Swine then its got stuck the preview and not reflecting the preview and then suddenly its closing the preview window and then again i am trying to reopen it then it will not open.

Also could you please guide me that how to use AVIsynth+ in hybrid it seems not working on my end?

As I am getting the below errors.

Couldn't find 'DePulse64' in the filter order, adding 'KillPulse32' at the end.
using 32bit AvisynthViewer: D:\Hybrid\32bit\avsViewer.exe
Avisynth preview error: -> ChangeFPS: Ratio must be less than 10 for linear access. Set LINEAR=False. (E:\Hybrid Temp\tempPreviewAvisynthFile19_01_07_243.avs, line 19)
Avisynth: Would need a debug output to see the problem.
Vapoursynth: You are definitely running out of video memory. Just running BasicVSR++ (without tiling) eats 4GB VRAM (and your card probably has less free),... using RealESRGAN to scale DVD to 1280 also eats 3.3 GB (RealCUGAN ~3.7GB).
So with 4GB of RAM and may be 3 GB free, there is no hope unless tiling is used.

Cu Selur
Hello Selur,

I am trying to generate the log file but it is not creating the output log file as its not going over there to create log file what should i do.

Or can you please provide the necessary instructions that how to set up AviSynth+ or how to use it?
It will really help me a lot and i mean it.
To use Avisynth, change 'Filtering->Support' to 'Avisynth'.
To use 64bit Avisynth additionally change 'Config->Internals->Avisynth->Avisynth type' to '64bit'.

About the debut output: simply following the steps in the sticky should work fine.

Cu Selur

Ps.: one thing that might mess with Vapoursynth in Hybrid, is if you already installed Vapoursynth system-wide.
I am not getting this " Ps.: one thing that might mess with Vapoursynth in Hybrid, is if you already installed Vapoursynth system-wide."
Could you please elaborate little bit.
Vapoursynth has a portable version which Hybrid used (combined with a portable Python version), but Vapoursynth could also be installed system-wide.
Problem: Vapoursynth does not allow stopping autoloading, so if a system-wide install is present it might cause problems with the portable version, especially if it's using a different Vapoursynth or Python version.

Cu Selur
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