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Full Version: Cannot add multiple files to Hybrid
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Hi all
I'm trying to drag 2 files from a folder to Hybrid.
It makes 2 sources on the steam selection.

But when exporting both of the files, the video is the same as the 1st file.
Both of the videos are the same.

Am I doing something wrong?
Read the sticky, provide a debug output and details.
Just tried it here and had no problem.

Cu Selur
I've uploaded the debug file
The problem is, the second file is the same as the first file but with the proper name.
Tried both mp4 output files and mkv also.

Windows 7 64 bit
Hybrid version 2021.04.05.01
Okay, no need to look at the debug, my guess is that this was a bug in that version which was fixed ages ago.
I stopped checking anything regarding Windows 7&8 with 2021.01.31.1.
The only thing I can recommend is try another version.

Cu Selur
Can you tell me please what is the last version supported on Win 7?

I saw this problem occured on 2018 version and not 2021 version

and solved by a dev version.
Is it the same problem?
No, that probably was a different bug, since when I fix it in a dev the fix is in the next release.

Quote:Can you tell me please what is the last version supported on Win 7?
In 2021.01.31.1. I switched to Qt6, which does not support Win7, so any version after that is pure luck.

Cu Selur
I'm using 2021.01.31.1 and it works now!
Nice! Happy that worked out.

Cu Selur