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[GUIDE] VapourSynth + QTGMC Deinterlace + Hybrid UI FAQ for macOS
Might be.
Whats qt? Quicktime?
A programming interface I use, see: and

Cu Selur
Ok, just for test purposes i switched to Fusion theme. Hybrid stop responding for about 25-30 seconds, but then theme was changed.
Seems Fusion theme also have small glitch in tabs arrays that use Simple/Advanced switch. It is not so visible as in native macOS UI, but seems some global bug exists somewhere...
[Image: ev4fQEa.jpg][Image: 6gHSLzy.jpg]

Not sure if it helps, but here is one more small difference i noticed in native macOS themes.
Hybrid 2018 menu selection use dark blue color. It looks same as native macOS menu selection.
Hybrid 2020 menu selection color use light blue color and don't match to native macOS selection color. Menu background color and font smoothing also look different.

[Image: jaq9pGZ.jpg][Image: k4qMuJK.jpg]
No clue what it causing this, like I wrote I didn't change the code and my guess is that it's some sort of change in Qt or Apples part of the connection.
Also it looks different for you than for me.
-> may be I'll look into this once I at least have the current dev version properly running
Atm. I'm I can't even compile all the tools Hybrid uses so my tendency is more to drop MacOS than to look into small gui glitches.

Cu Selur
Can you explain the issue with not being able to get the current dev version running?

Maybe i can help

Sent you xcode 12 beta 6 Download link. Is that what you want? It’smthe latest beta version otherwise i csn get you xcode 11.7 which was released on the first
properly running:
  • got tools which are used in Hybrid which I can't update:
    • rav1e, used for AV1 encoding
    • mencoder/mplayer, used for DVD Input and the normal Preview
    • opusenc, used for opus audio encoding
    • oggenc2, used for ogg vorbis audio encoding
    • sox, used for audio filtering
    • and some others
    main problem is the Mac OS community isn't really about sharing tools and so unlike for Windows you either need to use something like brew (not happening) or compiling all the tools manually.

    Cu Selur
VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.09.07

- Hybrid 2020.09.15 (including all internal components and scripts updates)
To avoid preferences conflict you need to delete presets folder ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid from previous Hybrid 2020 version and DON'T IMPORT ANY SAVED LEGACY PRESETS TO NEW VERSION
VIVTC VFM now have Misc option with additional QTGMC filter.
All internal components now compatible with macOS Catalina and higher.
Removed legacy ffmbc component.
Fixed x264 render specific filesize/bitrate (2-pass)
Fixed problem with aspect ratio detection in VOB files.
UI controls for new filters.
Fixed small glitches in UI tabs.
Larger sized Icons.

- A lot of updated Plug-ins.
- Package now includes VulkanSDK (Required by Waifu2x nvk resizer filter)
- Updated FAQ

Arrow DOWNLOAD from Google Drive:

THIS IS A RECOMMENDED UPDATE! Make sure you COMPLETELY UNINSTALL OLD VERSION before install this new version.
A few notes to the package you build:

Why do you add the 'Scripts' to your package, when Hybrid already comes with the scripts? (
Doesn't seem like you added additional script aside from the scripts from so there should be no need for these, especially since Hybrid by default automatically loads the 'vsscripts' it comes with:
# Import scripts folder
scriptPath = '/Users/selur/workspace/Hybrid/'
(snippet of a generated Vapoursynth script where Hybrid uses one of the scripts)

Also when copying the dylib files from your package to /Library/Frameworks/VapourSynth.framework/lib/vapoursynth and call 'sudo spctl --master-disable'
I get the following popups:
  • Quote:“libautocrop.dylib” is damaged and can’t be opened.
  • Quote:“libdpid.dylib” is damaged and can’t be opened.
  • Quote:“libdecross.dylib” is damaged and can’t be opened.
these seem to be all broken.
So they should either be removed or replaced with working versions.
Neither 'libautocrop' nor 'libdpid' is used by Hybrid, so they should not there.

You also might want to investigate if there's a better way to allow those dylib files since using 'sudo spctl --master-disable' on a productive machine seems like a bad idea.

Quote:Problem: Filtering -> ColorMatrix don't works.
Problem fix: Use only Filtering -> VapourSynth -> Color -> ColorMatrix
'Filtering -> ColorMatrix' works fine here, it simply should not be used in combination with Vapoursynth unless you know what effect this has, which you clearly don't. Smile

Not by me, since it's based on a build that was meant for testing,... but what do I care?

Cu Selur
I just read in some old FAQ on this forum that 'Scripts' should be placed inside Hybrid and additional copy should be placed inside VapourSynth.framework/lib/python3.8/site-packages
If scripts inside Hybrid is enough to make all things work, i will remove additional 'Scripts' folder from package.

By the way, seems you still include legacy inside Hybrid. Also last versions have two copies of inside.

Strange thing with  "is damaged and can’t be opened." never seen that message. I will re-download those filters again, and see if it helps.
I include all plug-ins to package just because i have no idea what exact used by Hybrid and afraid to miss something. Is there any info about filters list used by Hybrid somewhere?
With current updated user friendly direct links to filters provided by ChaosKing i guess it is no need to collect all possible filters in package.

I will fix info about ColorMatrix.

Yes, RECOMMENDED UPDATE is not really recommended, but it is just notice that it fix some visible bugs. Anyway all those last test versions just feels way less buggy than 2018 version if use it for basic tasks.

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