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[GUIDE] VapourSynth + QTGMC Deinterlace + Hybrid UI FAQ for macOS
This VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid [2022.03.20] DMG package includes:

VapourSynth-R57 Installer
Downloaded from
VapourSynth Plugins for Hybrid
Downloaded from
Hybrid 2022.03.20
Downloaded from
MKVToolNix 53.0.0 (The last version compatible with macOS 10.14 Mojave)
XQuartz 2.8.1 (Required to read image sequences by Hybrid)
Downloaded from
D2V Witch v4 (Required to read and process VOB files and DVDs in Hybrid)
Downloaded from
VulkanSDK (Required to run Waifu2x nvk, SRMD, Placebo and other Vulkan-based VapourSynth filters in Hybrid)
Downloaded from
JESExtensifier 3.0.5 (It helps to change aspect ratio and other metadata tags inside MOV container)
Downloaded from
You can also use instead AMCDXVideoPatcher or BBC QTFF Parameter Editor command line tool

Arrow DOWNLOAD package from Google Drive:

[Image: 2r0ncUe.jpg]

Quick FAQ for Beginners:

VapourSynth is a cross-platform Open Source application for video manipulation with command line interface. It also can be used as a plugin inside other video editing apps, video players and UI wrappers. It require Python environment to work. VapourSynth support external Plugins (.dylib extension on macOS). Some plugins may require additional Dependencies Libraries (also .dylib extension on macOS). It also may require external Script files (.py extension) to automate some processes.
Current version of VapourSynth (including Python, Plugins, Dependencies Libraries and Scripts) is wrapped inside single Framework container. On macOS it is installed to:
Dependencies Libraries installed to:
External Plugins installed to:
Scripts installed to:
Some legacy apps may read Dependencies Libraries and Pugins from legacy location:
To fix legacy incompatibility problems VapourSynth installs to that directory special alias links from "libvapoursynth-script.dylib" and "libvapoursynth.dylib" files.

QTGMC is a series of scripts for VapourSynth that combine chain of different plugins and produce Motion Compensation deinterlace with double frame rate and amazing artifacts-free quality.

Hybrid is a cross-platform UI wrapper for VapourSynth filters, scripts and a bunch of other video tools It use well known FFmpeg library to read and write ProRes MOV files as well as many other codecs and file types. Scripts, FFmpeg, x264, MKVToolNix and some other important components located inside can be easily updated manually.
Hybrid combines a lot of video tools inside but opposite to Windows version it don't contains pre-installed VapourSynth on macOS. To make QTGMC work on macOS you need to install and adjust VapourSynth with all required plugins and scripts separately.

[Image: s0feKMP.jpg]

Prepare to Installation FAQ:

Hybrid 2022 contains a lot of fundamental internal changes. To avoid preferences conflict you need COMPLETELY UNINSTALL LEGACY HYBRID 2018 or 2020 VERSION, DON'T LAUNCH THAT LEGACY VERSIONS ANYMORE and DON'T IMPORT ANY SAVED LEGACY PRESETS TO NEW VERSION:
1. Make screenshots of pages with important Hybrid settings.
2. Delete "" from "Applications" folder.
3. Delete folder ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid
4. Delete file ~/Library/Preferences/de.selur.Hybrid.plist

Do NOT install VapourSynth with Homebrew because it use legacy installation paths.
Do NOT mix this installer with other VapourSynth versions or with different installers made by other people.
If you used any other VapourSynth installations before - delete old versions before install this one.

Disable SIP (System Integrity Protection):
Restart computer
Hold down "Command + R" to reboot into Recovery Mode
Click Utilities, select Terminal and type:
csrutil disable
Press "Enter" on keyboard and restart computer

Allow install apps from unidentified developers by typing in Terminal:
sudo spctl --master-disable
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

Disable Gatekeeper turning back on automatically after 30 days by typing in Terminal:
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ GKAutoRearm -bool NO
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

Disable quarantine for downloaded apps by typing in Terminal:
sudo defaults write LSQuarantine -bool NO
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

For more details see additional FAQs:

Hybrid 2022 is fully compatible with macOS 10.14, 10.15 and 11.0, but i personally still recommend to use macOS 10.14.6 Mojave and don't see any practical reason move to newer macOS versions with increased security restrictions and without 32-bit apps support.

Installation FAQ:

1. Open "VapourSynth+Plugins+Scripts+Hybrid-2022.03.20.dmg"
2. Install "VapourSynth-R57.pkg"
3. Install "Hybrid 2022.03.20 and Plugins.pkg"
4. Install "XQuartz.pkg" (optional)
5. Install Vulkan SDK (optional)

VapourSynth installer creates "VapourSynth" folder on your Desktop with quick alias links to Plugins, Dependencies, Scripts and Uninstall script. You can move this folder to any location, or just delete it.

When you open "Hybrid 2022.03.20 and Plugins.pkg" or "" first time, it may give you a message: "can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed."
[Image: F4dYAia.jpg]
To fix this problem mouse right-click on "Hybrid 2022.03.20 and Plugins.pkg" or "", select in menu "Open", and next press "Open" button in pop-up window.
[Image: pwOBusH.jpg]

UI Customization FAQ
It is possible (and highly recommended) to use native system buttons with text names instead of custom UI icons and also adjust UI font size from Menu -> View.

It is also possible to use "misc.ini" file to change some other hidden settings:
Show invisible files and folders by pressing "Command + Shift + ."
[Image: sTH4w4Y.jpg]
Create invisible folder ".hybrid" in home directory ~/.hybrid/
Put "misc.ini" file included in DMG package inside that ".hybrid" folder

See more info about customization using "misc.ini" file here

Usage FAQ:

[Image: 8DyEZlg.jpg] Open File
[Image: gNGscEF.jpg] Set Output Folder
[Image: AJtd1dc.jpg] Render file (Command-F1 keyboard shortcut)
Base -> Video: ProRes
Base -> Audio: passthrough all
Base -> Default container: mov
Base -> Generate
ProRes -> Profile: ProRes 422 HQ
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Deinterlacer: QTGMC (VapourSynth)
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Overwrite input scan type to: (For Hi8 tape sources set it to "Top Field List", For DV tape sources set it to "Bottom Field List". If rendered video plays back with with "jumping/strobing" frames effect, change Field List order setting)
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Preset: Slow (in "Custom mode" you can also experiment with other settings)
Filtering -> (De-)Interlace/Telecine -> Bob (use for double frame rate deinterlace mode)
Filtering -> VapourSynth -> Color -> -> Matrix -> ColorMatrix: From Rec.601/470bg/470m To BT.709 (apply only If you upscale SD to HD with Crop/Resize tools in Hybrid)
Filtering -> VapourSynth -> Frame -> Resize -> Resizer: NNEDI3
Neural network resizer NNEDI3 removes jaggies upscale artifacts on contrast diagonal lines, but don't adds artificial oversharpening. Recommended settings for CPU: Neurons 32 (64 max), Network 2. NNEDI3 use its own internal resize algorithm and don't depends of resize algorithm selected in "Crop/Resize" tab.

Some Tips to Speedup Workflow:

Turn on GPU and OpenCL support in plug-ins when possible and select "Device: -1" (autodetection). Depending of hardware it will give you 2x to 5x speed increase.
Instead of "Open File" dialog it is possible to drag and drop file directly to path field.
For batch processing you can select multiple files in "Open File" dialog or drag and drop multiple files directly to path field.

Config -> Filenames -> Suffix:
Config -> Paths -> Default input path:
Config -> Paths -> Default temp path:
Config -> Paths -> Adjust: Output path to source path
Config -> Profiles -> Auto save defaults (this allow to remember all program settings on next launch)
Config -> Internals -> FFmpeg/MEncoder threads: (set it according to your CPU)
Config -> View -> Uncheck "Show tooltip sidebar" (you can just mouse right-click on any text name to show tooltip)
Jobs -> Misc -> Delete jobs when finished

Known Bugs and Fixes:

Problem: Hybrid/FFmpeg renders ProRes 4444 only as 10 bit, but not as 12 bit.
Problem fix: No any fix yet, because it is just a FFmpeg limitation

Problem: No correct NCLC color tags written to MOV container.
Problem fix: Manually add tags with JESExtensifier, AMCDXVideoPatcher or with BBC QTFF Parameter Editor.

Problem: New versions of FFmpeg may produce incorrect .mov file duration when source video is very short (less than 1 second).
Problem fix: Config -> Input -> Decoding -> FFmpeg vsync handling: Set it to "auto"

Problem: Error message "Title selection, returned no title!" when opening DVDs that contain multiple short films, cartoons or music videos that have length less than 10 minutes.
Problem fix: Config -> Input -> Ignore playlists with: -> Set "Minimum length Mpis/DVD (min)" to 15/1

Problem: When opening DVDs that contains large amount of Titles, Hybrid UI may freeze for about 1-3 minutes during "Analyzing a/v for title X of XX" and same time "tccd" process in system monitor start to load CPU. "tccd" process also may start in background after finished DVD remuxing job.
If force close Hybrid while "tccd" process is running, it will load CPU forever until you restart computer.

Problem Fix: "tccd" is normal system process that always runs on computer but in normal situation it don't loads CPU. Keep an eye on "tccd" process in system monitor and don't close Hybrid while this process loads CPU. Process usually finished automatically in about 1-3 minutes and Hybrid UI is back to normal.

Problem: "Jumping/strobing" frames effect during playback in QuickLook or QuickTime X Player, when video was rendered to MP4 x265 with "FFmpeg instead of MP4Box" setting.
Problem fix v1: Do not use "FFmpeg instead of MP4Box"
Problem fix v2: Use MKV container instead of MP4.

Problem: In disabled filters when cursor appears over areas with checkboxes, vertical scrolling suddenly stops.
Problem fix: No any fix yet, because bug (or feature) in qt6 interface framework.

Problem: Startup slowdown and error pop-up message if for some reason you add Hybrid to "Allow the apps below to control your computer" list in macOS System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility.
Problem fix: Do not add Hybrid to "Allow the apps below to control your computer" list.

Problem: Green Fullscreen window button sometimes may became active, but may not work correctly.
Problem fix: Switch to Fullscreen mode using Menu -> View

Problem: Requirement to disable Gatekeeper, allow to install apps from unidentified developers and add some other system tweaks. Also when you start PKG installer or Hybrid first time, it give you a message: "can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed."
Problem fix: described earlier in Installation FAQ.

Problem: Some newer plugins are not compatible with macOS 10.14.6 Mojave.
Problem fix: Use macOS 10.15 or higher if you need those plugins.

Problem: Vulkan SDK version and higher fails to install on macOS 10.14.6 Mojave.
Problem fix 1: Use macOS 10.15 or higher.
Problem fix 2: For Mojave use Vulkan SDK version

Open "vulkansdk-macos-"
Open Terminal & browse to the vulkan mount point with the following command:
cd /Volumes/vulkansdk-macos-
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Run the following command to install:
sudo ./
Press "Enter" on keyboard.
Type your password.
Press "Enter" on keyboard.

VapourSynth Plugins Used by Hybrid:

More detailed info about filter color models and bit depth restrictions here
Direct download links from
  1. AddGrain
  2. Anime4KCPP [8-bit only]
  3. AWarpSharp2
  4. BiFrost [8-bit only]
  5. Bilateral
  6. BilateralGPU (Depreciated, use CuPy)
  7. BM3D
  8. Bwdif
  9. CAS (Requires macOS 10.14+)
  10. CNR2 [8-bit only]
  11. CTMF
  12. D2VSource (included in VapourSynth installer)
  13. DCTFilter
  14. Deblock
  15. DeblockPP7
  16. DeCross [8-bit only]
  17. Dedot [8-bit only]
  18. DegrainMedian
  19. Descale
  20. DFTTest (Requires macOS 10.14+)
  21. dgdecnv (Windows only)
  22. DGHDRtoSDR (Windows only)
  23. DotKill [8-bit only]
  24. DPID (Conflicts with DeCross by producing Finder crash if click to one of these .dylib files)
  25. EdgeFixer
  26. EEDI2
  27. EEDI3 (included in VapourSynth installer)
  28. EEDI3m
  29. FFMS2 (included in VapourSynth installer)
  30. ffmtconv
  31. FFT3DFilter
  32. Fix Telecined Fades
  33. Flash3kyuu Deband
  34. Fluxsmooth
  35. HQDN3D [8-bit only]
  36. ImageMagick (included in VapourSynth installer)
  37. IT [8-bit only] (Requires macOS 10.15+)
  38. KNLMeansCL (Produce artifacts and may cause Kernel Panic)
  39. LGhost
  40. LSMASHSource (included in VapourSynth installer)
  41. MiniDeen
  42. MSmooth
  43. MVTools (v20 and v21 works well. v22 and v23 error on render when use QTGMC Placebo or Very Slow presets "crashed: Helper1, exitCode: 11")
  44. MVTools_SF (Needs C++20, not implemented in macOS yet)
  45. NEO_FFT3D (l33tmeatwad report that it crashes)
  46. NNEDI3
  47. NNEDI3CL
  48. Placebo (Requires macOS 10.15+ and Vulkan SDK)
  49. ReadMpls
  50. Retinex
  51. SangNom
  52. SangNomMod [8-bit only] (Conflicts with SangNom due same namespace)
  53. SceneChange
  54. SRMD (Requires macOS 10.15+ and Vulkan SDK)
  55. SSIQ [8-bit only]
  56. SVP/Interframe [8-bit only] (Commercial filter)
  57. TCanny
  58. TDeintMod
  59. TempLinearApproximate
  60. TemporalSoften
  61. TimeCube
  62. TIVTC
  63. ToneMap
  64. TTempSmooth
  65. VagueDenoiser
  66. vcmod
  67. VFRToCFR
  68. vs_avsreader (Windows only)
  69. vsfiltermod [8-bit only] (Windows only)
  70. vsrawvideo
  71. Waifu2x-w2xc (Very slow. If possible use Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan instead)
  72. Waifu2x NCNN Vulkan (Requires macOS 10.15+ and Vulkan SDK)
  73. Yadifmod
  74. ZNEDI3
as a side note:
There are also pre-compiled versions of MP4Box available (, which are part of gpac.
Note that it is probably not enough to replace just the mp4box binary, some of the libraries in MacOS/lib-folder might have to be updated too (they too come with gpac).
Ok, i will try to update it too. One quesion here:
/Applications/ folder contains 28 .dylib files
/Applications/GPAC/Contents/MacOS/lib folder contains 63 .dylib files

Should i update only 28 old files or should place all 63 new files to Hybrid?

Here is full list of new files:

Most of the libs that are in the lib folder of gpac should not be needed since mp4box does not usw them.
Also some of the libs in Hybrids lib folder are from Mediainfo iirc. -> when updating mp4box only replacing a few of the 28 libs should be enough.

Cu Selur
Ok, so i select same 28 files now. What exact dylib files from this list should i replace to keep things safe and stable?

Also in addition to libx264.155.dylib i see new libx265.179.dylib file inside It feels like may be something required by new MP4Box version? Or just ignore it?
Hybrid contains only libx264.148.dylib

Seither x264 nor x265 libs are required by mp4box, No clue which libs are needed since it is simply to long ago that I used a Mac.
VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.03.23
Package now includes D2V required by Hybrid to process VOB files.
Updated FAQ.
Links to discussion forums.

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.03.28
Package now includes (it help to change aspect ratio and other metadata tags inside .MOV container)
Updated FAQ.

VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.03.29
VapourSynth R49
Updated FAQ.
Arrow Download from same Dropbox folder:
Here are few more macOS related questions:
1. I have AMD RX 580 GPU, and in Hybrid UI in many filters i see option to use GPU and OpenCL. But checkmarks are always inactive. Is it possible somehow to turn those things on on macOS? Or maybe they inactive due some limitation in VapourSynth plugins? Or they are for Nvidia cards only?
[Image: vnVj1bt.jpg]
[Image: n4fBuyW.jpg]

2. When i switch QTGMC presets to custom mode, Sharpneess value is always inactive. Is this a bug?
[Image: uqJqQaY.jpg]
1. about OpenCL support in some filters/scripts: as far as I know there is no needi3cl available for MacOS X which is why all options that relate to it are disabled.
Same for some other filters.
2. yes, that's a bug. (happens when Vapoursynth is available but not Avisynth)

Cu Selur
Strange. There is a libnnedi3cl.dylib as well as libnnedi3.dylib in plugins folder.
[Image: VmAoM5B.jpg]

Quote:2. yes, that's a bug. (happens when Vapoursynth is available but not Avisynth)
That is odd problem Sad

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