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[GUIDE] VapourSynth + QTGMC Deinterlace + Hybrid UI FAQ for macOS
Quote:That is odd problem
Yup was a typo which caused it.

Nice, totally forgot about it. Smile

Cu Selur
Yep, but anyway Open CL don't works on mac version.

I moved further and start to learn custom x264 encoding settings in different forum threads and FFmpeg presets examples and was able match x264 settings to Handbrake intermediate presets. I must admit that all those advanced presets in Hybrid for Blu Ray Compliance looks very useful and very well arranged. Currently i see that Hybrid provides more flexible x264video and AAC audio options than Handbrake.

I had attempts to transcode .MOV ProRes PCM to .MP4 x264 AAC and first time was confused with errors. But later i realized that i just need to add audio job to the separate job list in audio tab. Things goes smooth now.

I also done some experiments with blind replacing/updating different MP4Box binary and dylib components, but Hybrid can't produce any file after render:

finished after 00:00:00.028 with exitCode 6
Crashed with exit status 1
-> 13_03_51_3710_06_muxing crashed: Crashed with exit status 1
The log you quote starts with:
Quote:This log is only intended for user information. It should not be part of a bug/problem report!!
so don't be surprised that anything in it doesn't really help to find a problem.

In general reading [INFO] Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,.. might be a good start.

Might just be that MP4Box doesn't support an option,...
I also noticed another strange x265/265 MP4 related problem. Hybrid always adds additional frame to x265/265 MP4 encoded video. Not sure if it due outdated macOS Hybrid or due some container settings tweaks.

No problem with MKV or MOV container when use same x265/265 settings. It always match frame count to source.
No problem with converting to MP4 with same settings . It always match frame count to source.

[Image: XbsdL6X.jpg]
no clue.
Seems that bug related to MP4 muxer. If i render to MP4 file without audio track - there is no any additional frames.
you can try ffmpeg as muxer:
"Config->Output->Container Settings->Mp4 Settings->FFmpeg instead of MP4Box"

Cu Selur
Great! "Config->Output->Container Settings->Mp4 Settings->FFmpeg instead of MP4Box" fixed the problem Big Grin
VapourSynth + Plugins + Scripts + Hybrid package update 2020.04.16
Updated FAQ

Arrow DOWNLOAD from Dropbox:
Arrow DOWNLOAD from Google Drive:
During some tests with oversharpened in-camera DV source provided in other forum i noticed that QGTMC seems like always increases oversharpened edges comare to simpler deinterlacers. Could it be somehow related to bug with Sharpneess value that is always disabled? (discribed earlier here

[Image: uhObVmv.jpg]

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