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[GUIDE] VapourSynth + QTGMC Deinterlace + Hybrid UI FAQ for macOS
UPDATE: As it was suggested by other people i use DeHalo filter. I find it at: Filtering -> VapourSynth -> DeHalo/-Ring. I tested DeHalo_Alpha with default settings and it really makes edges less aggressive:
[Image: sZwa7Rb.jpg]

Quick question: I see there are few different DeHalo filters but no any quick help info about them:

[Image: VEmCbxC.jpg]
Which is recommended to produce the best quality?
From my experience:
DeHalo_Alpha is good for otherwise good quality sources.
EdgeCleaner is good for Cartoon like content.
BlindDehalo3 is nice when doing oversharpening before it.
YAHR no clue. Smile

I usually try DeHalo_Alpha adn EdgeCleaner and if those two don't really help I try the other two.

Cu Selur
Ok, thanks for info. In AviSynth Wilki DeHalo_alpha described as "Very powerful filter to remove edge enhancement artifacts." So seems it is really best filter to go.

Some oversharpening really exists due QTGMC itself. Even if Sharpness mark is unchecked in UI, it is always used in VapourSynth script. So QTGMC always force use Sharpness=1.0. This is bad. Is it possible somehow to edit Hybrid VapourSynth script manually to fix this problem?
Here is what i see when i click to "Show VapourSynth Script" button:

# Deinterlacing using QTGMC
clip = havsfunc.QTGMC(Input=clip, Preset="Slower", TFF=True, InputType=0, TR2=1, Sharpness=1.0, SourceMatch=0, Lossless=0)

Arrow UPDATE: Seems i find a problem fix:
Export QTGMC preset from Hybrid.
Open .json file in Text Editor.
Change "vsQTGMCSharpness": "1.0" to "vsQTGMCSharpness": "0.0"
Save scahges.
Apply same preset in Hybrid.

Now the code in "Show VapourSynth Script" looks like this:
# Deinterlacing using QTGMC
clip = havsfunc.QTGMC(Input=clip, Preset="Slower", TFF=True, InputType=0, TR2=1, Sharpness=0.0, SourceMatch=0, Lossless=0)

This is not a replacement for DeHalo_alpha filter but this can make things looking slightly more smoother and softer.
This needs some tests to proof, but usually it is always better to apply sharpen filter on already upscaled HD video but not on SD video before upscaling.

[Image: SOBIhCx.jpg]
Sharpness 1 is the default, if you don't want you can set preset to 'Custom', chose the base preset and change the Sharpness to the value you want,...

Even if Sharpness mark is unchecked in UI, it is always used in VapourSynth script.
if you want to overwrite the default value you have to enable Sharpness in the UI in the Custom preset,...

Cu Selur
One more time: When i switch QTGMC presets to custom mode, Sharpness parameter is always inactive. I can not change it from GUI at all. This a bug on macOS Hybrid version that you confirmed here
[Image: uqJqQaY.jpg]

That's why i use manually edited .json preset file to set Sharpness. It is the only way to change Sharpness on macOS.
[Image: b0sdQ52.jpg]
Okay, that then is an old bug, that was fixed some time since the last MacOS release. Smile
And instead of loading a preset, better change the defaults in your settings folder.
Can you explain further? Did you mean edit .xml files located in ~/Library/Application Support/Hybrid/ folder? Or some config inside contents?
There is a large amount of those files with rather large amount of code inside. I really have no idea where to search for QTCMC Sharpness setting there.
The .xml files are hold the defaults that are used.
FilteringModelDefaults.xml is the file you are interested in and 'vsQTGMCSharpness' is the field which holds the Sharpness value for Vapoursynths QTGMC.

Cu Selur
I edited that .xml file as you suggested, but it don't work as expected. It switches Sharpness to 0.0, but when i change QGTMC preset - Sharpness always switches back to 1.0.

Custom edited .json presets are way easier and safer way to go.
Okay. Smile

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