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Red Border converting 30fps to 60fps
worked fine here,...
may be a 32bit/64bit mix-up?
(Avisynth needs 32bit dlls; Vapoursynth 64bit dlls)
(23.05.2020, 21:13)Selur Wrote: worked fine here,...
may be a 32bit/64bit mix-up?
(Avisynth needs 32bit dlls; Vapoursynth 64bit dlls)

No, I checked that. The 32 bit and 64 bit dll's are definitely in the right place. (Verified with sigcheck.)

You tried on Linux but not Windows though, right? Confused
No, on Linux the newer dlls can be used without a problem. The read border thing is 'Windows only' atm.
I tested Vapoursynth on Windows, did a test with Avisynth and it aborts with 'SVSmoothFps: invalid URL!'
-> I'll adjust the Interframe Avisynth script to fix this.

Cu Selur
Would buying SVP itself make everything work again?
It is a one-time payment after all..
Buying SVP+ replacing the dlls and keeping the SVP manager running whenever SVP is used will help with the red borders.
Afaik it will not help with Avisynth&SVP working properly, that usually is only fixed by !completely! deinstallating the graphic card drivers, reboot, reeinstalling the drivers and rebooting. (Or using Vapoursynth instead of Avisynth.)

Cu Selur
So I installed the latest version 2020.06.21.1 and see you have decided to keep the new "red border" dll's.

I just want to state that I think you should revert them to the old dll's because they just work without issue, and don't require users to purchase SVP+ in order to produce results without a red border. (I seem to be unable to replace just those dll's on my system without Hybrid crashing.) I think the old dll's give slightly better results as well.
I though I replaced the dlls,..
svpflow1.dll [v4.3.0.156] & svpflow2.dll [v4.3.0.160] - 32bit AviSynth;
svpflow1_vs.dll [v4.3.0.156] & svpflow2_vs.dll [v4.3.0.161] - 64bit VapourSynth;
should be according to working versions.

Cu Selur

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