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Hybrid tutorials
Hello all & Selur,

First of all (like everyone), thx for Hybrid my new favorite prog.

I would like to know if it exist somewhere (youtube, site web abd so on) some tutorials on hybrid ?
Except fps change tuto and "step by step" chapter of your forum. I discovered Hybrib through fps change so i know it now.

It's not really true. Everywhere, i can see the option "smooth" for Override algorithm. but now we have only several line with number into. Can you explain me what are the link between old and new ?
But, it's work so it's not so an real issue for me...

I have another question on the noise and it's my real aim to look for a tuto or Override algorithm option.

I try to transform a SD video in HDvideo. To do i use hybrid (fps conversion) and another (HdD conversion) softs.
From the beginning, noise on my old video is increase on fps video and (of course) HD video.
What are options to use to "smooth" the noise ?

So summarize :
1 - It exist tutorials ?
2 - Override algorithm has changed
3 - Noise issue

Edit : i red these two others subjets : "Crop/Resize" & "Wrong crop and aspect ratio". A help for me

Thank of lot for your answers
Sorry, but I don't know of any tutorials for Hybrid, which go anywhere in depth about it's options.

Hybrid as multiple options to filter noise:
a. through ffmpeg (Filtering->Denoise; only recommended as a last resort)
b. through Avisynth (Filtering->Avisynth->DeNoise and Filtering->Avisnth->Grain)
c. through Vapoursynth (Filtering->Vapoursynth->DeNoise; Filtering->Vapoursynth->DeGrain; in the next release Filtering->Vapoursynth->Remove->Noise / Grain)

My guess is you either use Avisynth or Vapoursynth and Interframe/SVP for the frame interpolation.
Interframe/SVP itself does not have an option to denoise.
The "Overwrite Smooth/Super/Analyse" options are only available if you use Avisynth (Filtering->Support->Avisynth).
The current Interframe-Vapoursynth support ( does not offer options to overwrite these. If a few users say this would be useful to them I can probably rewrite the Interframe-function of Vapoursynth to add support for it.

Cu Selur

Ps.: next release will probably also include overwrite options for Interframe in Vapoursynth.
Hello and thx Selur for your answers.

Noise :
Yes i use Avisynth and Interframe.
So i will try with your second indication : through Avisynth (Filtering->Avisynth->DeNoise and Filtering->Avisnth->Grain)

I would like to use "smooth" in field "Override algorithm" but there are only numbers now. Anyway, let's go to Filtering->Avisynth->DeNoise

Thanks for your time Cool
algo: 13,

    Rendering algorithm or "SVP shader", available values are:

    1 - sharp picture without any blending, moves pixels by motion vectors from next frame to current. Requires only backward motion vectors ("analyse.vectors: 2") so it's the fastest possible method.
    2 - like 1st but moves pixels from the nearest (in terms of time) frame so it uses both backward and forward vectors. Recommended for 2D animations.
    11 - time weighted blend of forward and backward partial motion compensations.
    13 - same as 11th but with dynamic median added. Produces minimum artifacts but with noticeable halos around moving objects.
    21 - 11th plus additional cover/uncover masking to minimize halos and improve frame edges.
    23 - 21th plus extra vectors from adjacent frames for further decreasing of halos, can be less smooth than 21th.
Looked at the source of the Interframe script:
    OverrideAlgo != "0" ? Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:"+OverrideAlgo+",mask:{cover:80,"
    """) : Tuning == "Animation" ? Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:2,mask:{"
    """) : Tuning == "Smooth" ? Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:23,mask:{"
    """) : Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:13,mask:{cover:80,"
-> Smooth uses algo:23

Cu Selur
Hi Selur,

Nice good information :
Looked at the source of the Interframe script:

    OverrideAlgo != "0" ? Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:"+OverrideAlgo+",mask:{cover:80,"
    """) : Tuning == "Animation" ? Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:2,mask:{"
    """) : Tuning == "Smooth" ? Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:23,mask:{"
    """) : Eval("""
        SmoothString = SmoothString + "algo:13,mask:{cover:80,"

I tried DeNoise & Grain option on two differents part of one video (with lot of light and less (not dark)) and it's worked not bad for one of two (light part). Hum... logical.
For information, second part increase the noise
I had once so i will try with this new information include


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