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[BUG] I suppose Older items in queue lead to crash
Hello again.


Recently I encountered two bugs and I am not sure if they are related. Using Hybrid 2018.06.23.1

1. First, at some files I got error at loading the file "Unknown attachment type" :
When I click OK the file is loaded, but I am not sure the conversion work well later. I don’t have too many infos about this problem but I can share the source files if is needed. I tried to reproduce the problem later but I couldn’t.

2. I am not very sure, but I think is something wrong with the saved queue when loading it from file. I got a strange crash after the conversion is finished at step 08_muxing (creating mkv file with mkvmerge). The odd thing is, if I clear queue and load the file again and start transcoding, second time it works. I am thinking this problem have something to do with the fact that I loaded the files that crashed from a file queue previously saved (with the same Hybrid version 2018.06.23.1).

For this second bug I managed to save a debug file LVL9 in which I executed the following steps:
- Started Hybrid with the old queue and enabled debug LVL9
- Loaded the file    (that crashed previously). I loaded this file over the old queue and then manually dragged it on top to be transcoded first.
- When I started transcoding, the first file that I just loaded was completed successfully, and the others files that were already on queue crashed one fater another at step 08_muxing (creating mkv file with mkvmerge).
- After two crashes, I stoped the transcoding, exit Hybrid and saved the debug file “HybridDebugOutput for BUG2.txt”.

Please take a look when you have some free time, maybe is really a problem with Hybrid that can be solved. Smile

Hmm, it looks like I have problems attaching a RAR file. I try again here.

No. It looks like i cannot attach files here.  I uploaded it on wetransfer:
"Unknown attachment type" happens when during the job creationg when an unknown file should be muxed as attachment to your input file.
Hybrid only recognizes:
  • *.tff
  • *.otf
  • *.ttc
  • *.jpg
  • *.png
  • *.nfo
as valid attachments.
Seeing that your attachment seems to be a 'tags.xml' file, I suspect that this is some how related to what you are doing in what order,...
-> Ignoring 'Error'-messages is always a bad idea.
Since you can't reproduce the issue I won't try to.

Regarding bug2: I'll adjust Hybrid to clear the current queue, whenever an a queue file is loaded. When I wrote this option I never intended it to be used on an non-empty queue.

LOL. It wasn't my intention to yell, just to make the sentence easier to see. Hehe.  Thank you for the quick reply.

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