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[GUIDE] VapourSynth + QTGMC Deinterlace + Hybrid UI FAQ for macOS
Quote:That's strange... When i click to libdecross.dylib or to libdpid.dylib - Finder relaunches. As i remember same problem was noticed due conflict somewhere in names.
Do the filters work in Hybrid?
Where to look for DPID in Hybrid? Can't se it at all in UI.
P.S. I removed libdpid.dylib and there is no more Finder crash when i click to libdecross.dylib So i guess problem goes to l33tmeatwad
DPID is a downscaler so it's under "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Frame->Resize->Resizer" and will only be used when scaling down.
(it's only really useful when downscaling a lot, like from 4k to SD, for small scale factors I would recommend not to use it)

Cu Selur
I reinstalled Vapoursynth and installed libdpid.dylib (without libdecross.dylib). It is hard to say if DPID works or not for real, but i can't see any error messages in Hybrid when use it. So i guess it is some namespace problem somewhere between these filters.
Quote:but i can't see any error messages in Hybrid when use it.
Check the Vaporusynth Script View to be sure it's used.
Also when using the Filter View it should be easy to spot whether dpid works or not when down-scaling a lot (here 4k to sd):
[Image: dpid3.png]

Quote:So i guess it is some namespace problem somewhere between these filters.
What makes you thing that?
With sangnom.SangNom and sangnom.SangNomMod the collision is since they both use the same namespace 'sangnom'.

Using both filters, works fine in Windows:
# Imports
import vapoursynth as vs
# getting Vapoursynth core
core = vs.core
# Loading Plugins
# source: 'G:\TestClips&Co\files\MPEG-4 H.264\4k\4k_sample_4096x2160.mp4'
# current color space: YUV420P8, bit depth: 8, resolution: 4096x2160, fps: 25, color matrix: 2020cl, yuv luminance scale: limited, scanorder: progressive
# Loading G:\TestClips&Co\files\MPEG-4 H.264\4k\4k_sample_4096x2160.mp4 using DGSource
clip = core.dgdecodenv.DGSource("E:/Temp/mp4_b30946f06bbf6d3e0309b51cccf4cf0c_853323747.dgi")
# making sure input color matrix is set as 2020cl
clip = core.resize.Point(clip, matrix_in_s="2020cl",range_s="limited")
# making sure frame rate is set to 25
clip = core.std.AssumeFPS(clip=clip, fpsnum=25, fpsden=1)
# Setting color range to TV (limited) range.
clip = core.std.SetFrameProp(clip=clip, prop="_ColorRange", intval=1)
# rainbow removal using DeCross
clip = core.decross.DeCross(clip=clip)
# Resizing: 4096x2160 -> 720x380
clip = core.dpid.Dpid(clip=clip, width=720, height=380, read_chromaloc=True)
# adjusting output color from: YUV420P8 to YUV420P10 for x265Model (i420@8)
clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip=clip, format=vs.YUV420P10, range_s="limited")
# set output frame rate to 25.000fps
clip = core.std.AssumeFPS(clip=clip, fpsnum=25, fpsden=1)
# Output
So I doubt it's a namespace problem.
I also don't see where 'decross.DeCross(' and 'dpid.Dpid(' would overlap), or I simply don't understand what you understand as 'some namespace problem'.

Cu Selur
It only guess. I remember when i installed both sangnom.SangNom and sangnom.SangNomMod i got same Finder crash and relaunch.
Okay, I never had that effect in Finder, but may be l33tmeatwad has some idea why this could happen.

Cu Selur
It is some plugins conflict for sure. I also got Hybrid crash at second launch (sometimes) when both plugins are installed. DPID was never installed before, so yet it conflicts somehow with decross due unknown reason. It is macOS only problem partially due Vapoursynth autoload.
Yes, I understand that the previewer and encoding jobs could crash, but that Finder crashes seems strange.
Quote:An option to disable auto loading is probably coming soon. With more exciting things as well.

So with a bit of luck may be with Vapoursynth R55 (probably not R54) auto loading can be disabled. Smile

Cu Selur
Probably when selecting .dylib in Finder, Vapoursynth attempt to generate quicklook preview for file or reads something from it or somehow else interacts with it. And this provoke conflict if both filters use something similar inside that is already autoloaded in Vapoursynth.

And after conflict it is not enough to simply delete .dylib. Vapoursynth reinstall required to delete that cashed data of both conflicted plugins.

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