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Esxi running macos For selur
Seems problem only with these filters:
DeBand -> Flash3kB
Line -> AntiAliasing -> Sangnom
Frame -> Iterpolation
Frame -> Resize
Frame -> Stabilize
Frame -> Misc -> VFM
Frame -> Misc -> TFM
Other -> Add Logo
Yeah, those filter names do not follow the naming schema the other filter use. Smile
Also when click "Reset All" maybe it is logical in same way to uncheck "Use" checkbox in Deinterlace tab? Currently it only resets to default "Fast" preset.
[Image: qgXfTil.jpg]
No, that doesn't make any sense, since it's not a Vapoursynth only option and it's on by default.
(btw. that checkbox will probably be removed in one of the next versions since there is no reason to disable it)

Cu Selur
Yep, Deinterlacer is separated from all other VS filters, so it may behave in different way when Reset All is clicked.
I use that checkbox when video source is progressive just to make sure that nothing will be processed by surprise under the hood.
Why remove that checkbox? Is deinterlacer 100% auto disabled when progressive video source detected?
Quote:Why remove that checkbox?
since it only causes confusion
Quote:Is deinterlacer 100% auto disabled when progressive video source detected?
Yes. Hybrid does only deinterlace if:
a. the source is non-progressive
b. the output is not interlaced
If your source is flagged as interlaced, but in reallity is progressive: overwrite the scan type.
If your source is flagged progressive, but in reallity interlaced: overwrite the scan type.

Cu Selur

Ps.: Noticed I hadn't shutdown the VM so I uploaded the dev download (same link). Going to bed now. Smile
Vapoursynth -> Misc -> Filter Order/Queue

If "Use Filter Queue" enabled and i click "Reset Filter Queue to Filter Order" - i got warning pop-up message:

resetFilterQueue found no attribute name for mClean
Will look at it after work today.
Maybe sort items in Audio and Video Codecs menus by name (with ignore and passthrough in the end)? Or group them by Delivery (x264, Xvid,...) and Editing (ProRes, DNxHD, Cineform,...) codecs (not sure how to define that sorting exactly).
[Image: FM31bhk.jpg][Image: AbBGhJ2.png]

Also ignore/passthrough menu items placement and order in audio menu could be also matched somehow to video codecs menu placement and order.
[Image: dk5ZczI.jpg]

And i guess it is logical to sort MKV tags menu by name.
[Image: 1dY5h18.png]

And deinterlacers list:
[Image: G0o44bd.jpg]
Here is also another small visual confusion in menus:

ProRes presets arranged from top (lower quality) to bottom (higher quality)
[Image: SDKallb.jpg]

But Cineform Presets arranged in opposite way from top (higher quality) to bottom (lower quality)
[Image: jMuOUQN.jpg]

And one more small visual bug noticed. If there is no audio track in Audio tab there is a unusual rectangular shaped scrollbar appears at the bottom.
[Image: ahIIx3O.jpg]

If i add audio track that scrollbar became normal looking:
[Image: Zd5fTzD.jpg]

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