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Hybrid dies silently
Hardware: Core i7-4770K, 16GB RAM
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Hybrid: 2020.12.13.1(dev patch)

Strange one this.

I was processing a DVD rip of the film "Near Dark" and doing other things (web browsing) on the machine when I realised Hybrid had stopped processing. The Hybrid UI was still running, but the job had stopped part way through pass 2 of the video transcode, CPU had dropped to idle. It looked as of the transcoder had died silently, leaving the front end waiting for ever.

Now, after a reboot I am trying to run Hybrid again but each time I start it it just quits immediately. If I run it from a Cmd window there is no debug info or crash dump output so it's hard to tell what is going on. Of course as I can't get Hybrid to run, I can't get as far as enabling the debug log.

This is similar to the problem I had before with the dev build and (known) issue with one of the DLLs, but to be clear this time around I have not changed anything, and i can't see any obvious damage in the Hybrid install directory.

Could the failed transcode have left a tmp file or lock file around somewhere that is preventing Hybrid from restarting?
try creating a misc.ini next to your Hybrid.exe and write:
If that doesn't help, zip your settings folder and share it with me.

Cu Selur
Since I can't reproduce this here, I'll send you a link to my current dev version.

Cu Selur
Sorry for the deleyed reply, busy with work.

The misc.ini trick worked, which is good (I assume...)

I assume that means QSVEnc is the problem. Do I need to do a re-install of QSVEnc alone (if that's possible?) or the whole of Hybrid, to get it running again?

As i'm currently running a dev version I would be scratching my head to remember the sequence to get back to the same installation setup.

I'll check for a new release version.

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