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Settings for AVCHD 2.0 Progressive compliant file, playback
There is no will play will all players. Even Blu-ray compatible files will not play with all players.
-> Profile&Level are there to have hardware compatibility.
So all devices that support the Profile&Level will play the stream.
Regarding the setting, simply use your profile&level choice with the crf you want and apply preset 'slower' and you should be fine. You are totally overthinking this.

Cu Selur
You might be right Smile 

Last thing to ask.
Re. changing frame rates, using Hybrid>Vapoursynth>Frame Interpolation, what is recommended 60fps or 59.94fps?
That depends on what the source is.
In general I would go for 60fps if the source is 23.976, 24, 25 fps or lower and progressive. Since most LCDs have 60fps and you will get tons of interpolation artifacts anyway.
If the source was 29.97 fps telecine I would ivtc and the go for 60.
If the source was 25 fps interlaced I would bob deinterlace and stick with 50 fps, since at least most tvs should also support this nativly.
If the source was 29.97 fps interlaced I would bob deinterlace and stick with the 59.94fps since that too should be nativly supported by tvs.

Cu Selur
Well, I still need to find a way to encode to 1080 50p/60p AVCHD 2.0 compliant files, if I want to use TMPGEnc authoring SW and cut unwanted scenes, join files together, making video without re-encoding.
I did an experiment with my camcorder’s 1080 60p file that is AVCHD 2.0 compliant.
I demuxed it with tsMuxer, re-muxed it back. It resulted in a good AVCHD 2.0 compliant file.
It means the problem is not the muxing, it has to be x264 encoded video file parameters.
If I encode with Hybrid 1280x720 50p file, it all good.
It means it is not something in the header that Hybrid cannot insert.
But it has to be something in the header since inputting file in to TMPGEnc, the Clip Checker shows the file parameters and AVCHD 2.0 none compliance instantly (takes approx. 50ms to show 43 min file video properties).
It does  not go through file analysis that would take some time.
It means it has to be something in the header, correct?
I was also trying MeGUI (opening same file though simple Avisynth script) with kind of similar x264 settings, no luck, and same problem.
There is something with x264 settings.
I read that TMPGEnc uses same x264 encoder, but those guys somehow know how to set it up for AVCHD 2.0 compliant file.
I have seen you posted a question on ttps://, looks like no one knows there either.
Yeah, no clue. May be someone over at doom9s has an idea.
You could also write the TMPGEnc authors,...

Cu Selur
I keep my fingers crossed that will produce a solution. Smile

Cu Selur
I hope so  Smile
I also asked on Vegas Creative software forum, there are guys that use HD camcorders footage, might know the answer, as well as sent an email to TMPGEnc support team.

I am surprised that there is no already found a solution, a sett of settings for x264.

Looks like only TMPGEnc (a Japaneses company) has SW tools to get this done right and supports other Japanese companies that manufacture HD camcorders. It might be something special in the header of Japanese camcorder file that TMGEnc recognizes and gives a green light to accept as compliant. And there is no way to create artificiality that AVCHD 2.0 compliant file with x264.
I want to test Richard1485’s ideas he brought up on Doom9.
Can you make an experimental version that would allow to experiment, to try his suggested adding: --bluray-compat.
That might be the key option to try.
Kind of a separate/new Hardware Restriction for AVCHD 2.0, in addition to BluRay/AVCHD and DXVA. An option that would allow to use HW restriction and Level 4.2 and 50p/60p.
Step by step this might result in an option to actually have AVCHD 2.0 in Hybrid Smile
Hybrid add's "--blu-ray" to x264 when the hardware restriction is set to Blu-ray/AVCHD, but you could also add it as an addition under 'x264->Misc->Import/Additions->Commandline->Addition'.

To create lossless output in Hybrid, set:
  • "x264->Base->General Settings->Encoding mode" to 'constant quantizer (1-pass)',
  • "x264->Base->General Settings->Quantization strength' to 0, and
  • enable "x264->Base->General Settings->Lossless"

Cu Selur
I added to the Command Line  --bluray-compat. It did not help.

Quantization strength' cannot be set 0, the minimum value is 1.
Settings->Lossless is grayed out.

Even the note in Hybrid says:
Default: 18,Min: 1,Max: 51

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