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New Feature: RealSR (Real-World Super-Resolution)
If you have the time VSGAN ( with some models from might be worth a try.

Cu Selur
Hello Selur,

  as suggested I tested VSGAN. The encoding speed is better, now a 30s movie is encoded in about 30m. This imply that a 1h movie is encoded in about 2.5 days.
  But the faster speed is at cost of lower resizing quality.

  For the comparison I performed a 4x resize of the following picture

[Image: 0935-half-4-clean.png]

Just for comparison the image encoded with Lanczos+sharpen is the following

[Image: 0935-half-4-Lanczos.png]

The image resized with VSGAN using the model 4xESRGAN.pth is the following

[Image: 0935-half-4-ESRGAN.png]

The image resized with VSGAN using the model 4xPSNR.pth is the following

[Image: 0935-half-4-PSNR.png]

Finally the image resized with RealSR using the model DF2K_JPEG is the following

[Image: 0935-half-4-Real-SR.png]

In my opinion the image obtained using RealSR is still the best among the tested resizer.
Speed wise you might also want to try RealSR_JPEG.pth (see:
Problem is to find the right model when using VSGAN.

For amusement I converted the suzie clip using the BSRGAN model a few days ago and it looked nice if you consider it's low start resolution.
[Image: suzie-bsrgan.png]
(see: here for the video)
Sadly BSGRAN is mainly meant for faces, so it's really bad with everything else. Wink

-> hoping there will be ports of tecogan, iSeeBetter and similar methods which are meant for video and not 'just' image upscaling.

Cu Selur

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