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VHS - Is this Halo or Ringing?
I'm seeing this on scenes againt bright backgrounds - is it rining or haloing? Any suggestion as to removing it?

I have tried the two DeRing options (both did not work), but am unsure which settings to use.

[Image: VHS-outline.jpg]
From the screenshot I would say it's haloing. might be interesting.
If your source already has these make sure to resize after you removed them not before.
Quote:Any suggestion as to removing it?
Based on a screenshot: No.

Cu Selur
I noticed that in most cases DeRing should be applied to drawn animation and DeHalo to movies content.

Visually DeRing removes only bright outline artifacts.

DeHalo removes dark and bright blurry-like effect.

DeHalo is not friendly for animation content because it thinks that black lines is a halo and distort them.

Sometimes both DeHalo and DeRing may be applied.

Subjectively FineDeHalo produce the best result and intrioduse less additional artifacts.

Do not attempt 100% remove halo artifacts. This will require too strong filtratioin and so filtered movie will look ugly in other way after filtration.

Halo size may be different across different parts of the movie so you need to look for some universal not-too-strong-not-too-weak settings.
Link to a 1982 VHS PAL captured as DV short clip. The show was shot on video.

I need to keep the interlacing, de-halo and then upscale to 1080i 59.94 (using the same method as previous). I have tried various settings in de-halo and de-ring, but I am unable to remove the outer haloing/ghosting.

I have tried noise removal using MCDegrainSharp at level 2 which looks OK, but the haloing looks worse when upscaled.

What would be the correct workflow, to keep the interlacing?

Any suggestions?
For dehalo try using a higher radius and increase the bright strength (2nd strength control)
clip = havsfunc.DeHalo_alpha(clip, rx=3.00, ry=3.00, brightstr=1.50)
(you might want to adjust the radius)

Cu Selur
Thanks. I will try.

Also, do I need to use the same interlace settings for the Interpolated 59.94 output, or should I do the interpolation when I do the upscale?
You are not increasing the frame rate so no interpolation is needed,...

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