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Error: "Closing Hybrid, since it's running with Administrator rights"
I just installed Hybrid in my activated built-in Administrator account.
I have Windows 10 x64 with most recent updates.
I also downloaded the latest version of Hybrid for Windows.

When I run the app, it doesn't load the program.
A pop-up appears that says: "Closing Hybrid, since it's running with Administrator rights".
Then the program quickly exits.

I have almost hundred different software, with lots of media editing software.
No program has ever displayed such an error before.

Is there any solution?
Sure, this has been asked and answered a few times, so using the forum search should have also shown the following information.

Quick solution (without explaination):
  • Create a misc.ini-file, using a simple text editor, in side you 'Hybrid'-folder* with the following content:
  • Start Hybrid
* alternatively create a .hybrid folder in your "home"-folder and create the misc.ini file there.

Longer solution:
Why is this happening?
This is a functionality I added since Hybrid is developed and tested with restricted system access.
(this is vecause I see no good reason to run a 'userland'-tool with admin rights)
Hybrid will behave differently (create data in different locations) depending on whether it has admin rights or not.
Hybrid scans part of the system for tools and can modify the system and should not need admin rights (aside during the installation on Windows) so using it with admin rights only can cause potential issues. (No, I know of no actual issue that surely will arise when Hybrid is run with admin rights, but I never really spend much time thinking about it.)
Since I will not take any sort of responsibility when Hybrid would cause a problem on the system and I think it's usually a mistake running tools with elevated rights which do not need them Hybrid aborts when started with admin rights.

How to work around it?
Assuming you are aware that Hybrid is not really designed or tested with elevated rights in mind and still think you want to run it with elevated rights, you can tell Hybrid to still run by creating a misc.ini-file with the following content:
On start-up Hybrid scans for a misc.ini file and evaluates the *hidden* options that are specified inside the file.
These are usually options that should not be for normal usage, but offer some additional options to customize Hybrid.

Cu Selur

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