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[BUG] Encoder Crash (Helper1, exitCode: -1073741819)
Happy that worked! Smile

Quote:I suppose the ASS renderer should be default for processing ASS subtitles.
Will have to test whether I can compile it on Mac and Linux first.
But at least there is now an option to use it. Smile

Quote:I'm gonna guess that it hadn't been reported in the past because not a lot of people do hardsubs.
Yup, or they have image based subtitles and not .ass files. Wink
(personally I really rarely use hardsubs so I only notice problems there when users report them)

Quote:I'll let you know if I run into anything new in the future.
Do that. Smile

Cu Selur

Ps.: I also reported the issue to the SubText devs (
God this has made my life so much easier, no more errors or troubleshooting this stuff.

If I may make one quick feature request it's for a sort of "auto-add" feature for subtitle handling that also allowing "embed into frame" to be a default if the user wants it. Combined with me having auto-add configured for audio, that would make it basically a one-click process for me to add files, and I could probably just start doing entire batches of files at once without needing to ensure every job is configured correctly.

TL;DR: An auto-add feature similar to your auto-add feature for audio, but for subs.

Only if it would be easy to implement, don't worry about it if it wouldn't be. Thanks a ton for fixing the issue, has made my work so much more painless.
Look at: Config->Automation->Passthrough streams
If you enable 'Subtitle' and 'embed first' the first subtitle stream will be embedded.
You could also combined with 'All subtitle - Only add/extact' to specify that only a specifc stream selected by language will be used. (assuming your source subtitle stream is properly flagged)

Cu Selur
Welp, I'm an idiot. So many settings in it (not a bad thing) it's easy to glance over things.

Now I can just throw entire heaps at this with a couple clicks and take a nap while it works, damn.

Thanks Big Grin
SubText was updated ->
and now also works fine with the subtitles. Smile
(you can simply replace the SubText.dll inside the Hybrid/64bit/vsfilters/SubtitleFilter/SubText/-folder)

Cu Selur
according to this
BicubicResize may be the most visually pleasing of the Resize filters for downsizing to half-size or less.doom9
Try the default setting, (b=0, c=0.75) as above, or (b= -0.5, c=0.25).
Why don't you just embed SUP、PGS Subtitles into Frame?IF there is problom,you can try others.
SE can Embed SUP、PGS Subtitles Into Frame,and also support Unicode.Just rename the subtitles the same as the video's name,put them in the same folder and encode.
Like Xmedia Recode,SE encodes video and audio at the same time.The latest version of FDK AAC 2.0.2 cause SE encoding slow,so the new version downgrade FDK AAC to 2.0.1.Don't know the FDK AAC version of Hybrid.
Quote:according to this
Side note: that documenation is really old,...

Quote:Why don't you just embed SUP、PGS Subtitles into Frame?
a. Since it's source doesn't have picture frame bases subtitles.
b. Since you would need to be able to embed multiple (4+) of those subtitles overlapping on the source.

Quote:Don't know the FDK AAC version of Hybrid.
Latest version on the date of the release. (tools are build fresh for releases)

Cu Selur

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