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[BUG] SVT-AV1 encoding end immediately
Quote:-> will probably have working SVT-AV1 encoding back tomorrow.

Wow, good you decided to reintroduce it, based on tests I've done until now SVT-AV1 have the best quality/size/speed encoding.
Okay, based on my findings so far it's not that good.
It's fast, but doesn't support anything aside from 4:2:0 color sampling and the filmgrain handling didn't work properly.
-> not really impressed, personally I prefer aomenc.

Cu Selur
The use cases I'm comparing and searching for now is simply how to reduce the size of the various video files (I'm running out of space between HDDs) while losing little quality (I'm choosing target vmaf 96) and not requiring months of processing.
Unfortunately aom, produces yes a better quality but takes me much more time (for now the minimum respecting that quality vmaf took me more than 10x the duration of the source).
Since reencoding (assuming not lossless compression) always means losing quality.
Seeing the hdd prices (here I pay ~250€ for 16TB; €15,06/TB) and the speed av1 encoding is running (on my Ryzen 9 3950x), I would either wait for the new generation of gpus with av1 encoding support or buy hdds instead of starting to reencode tons of stuff. Smile

Cu Selur
Yes I had this same reasoning some years ago before and I had bought another HDD of 4 TB and I didn't want to continue with this trend (mainly because with backups then everything in a chain is heavier) and I wanted to lighten directly on the sources.

But I guess then I'll wait again and if ever I can use a generic lossless compressor (the .PA format gave me some savings anyway, about 0.2%).
I tested the new dev version sent but seems SVT-AV1 encoding is now stuck at mkv muxing (40% progress).

Attached log.
No it's actually the encoding that fails with:
[SVT-Warning]: --keyint is now intra-period + 1!
[SVT-Error]: --passes is not accepted in combination with --pass

"C:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\ffmpeg.exe" -y -loglevel fatal -noautorotate -nostdin -threads 8 -ignore_editlist true -i "D:\Videos\Download di RealPlayer\AR.Drone duel in Central Park - AR.FlyingAce FREE APP!(1080p_H.264-AAC).mp4" -map 0:0 -an -sn -vf zscale=rangein=tv:range=tv -pix_fmt yuv420p10le -strict -1 -vsync 0 -f yuv4mpegpipe - | "C:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\SvtAv1EncApp.exe" --input stdin --width 1920 --height 1080 --fps-num 25 --fps-denom 1 --input-depth 10 --level 0 --progress --passes 2 --pass 2 --crf 22 --stats "C:\Users\Antonio\AppData\Local\Temp\AR.Drone duel in Central Park - AR.FlyingAce FREE APP!(1080p_H.264-AAC)_optimized.stats" --irefresh-type 2 --keyint -1 --scd 1 --enable-dlf 1 --enable-cdef 1 --enable-restoration 1 --enable-tpl-la 1 --enable-mfmv -1 --fast-decode 0 --tune 0 --rmv 0 --recode-loop 4 --use-q-file --matrix-coefficients 1 --chroma-sample-position 0 --color-range 0 --output "C:\Users\Antonio\AppData\Local\Temp\2022-04-16@19_50_02_3710_03.av1"

Seems like I misunderstood the documentation:
Quote:Multi-pass Options
Configuration file parameter Command line Range Default Description
Pass --pass [0-3] 0 Multi-pass selection [0: single pass encode, 1: first pass, 2: second pass, 3: third pass]
Stats --stats any string "svtav1_2pass.log" Filename for multi-pass encoding
Passes --passes [1-2] 1 Number of encoding passes, default is preset dependent [1: one pass encode, 2: multi-pass encode]
As I understood that as you need to:
  • "--passes 2 --pass 1" : for the first pass, and
  • "--passes 2 --pass 2" : for the second pass
-> 1pass encoding should work and I'll lokk at 2pass encoding.

Cu Selur
Okay according to

You need to use either:
--passes 2

without a pass info, then 2pass encoding should be done in one pass I guess.
--pass 1
and then
--pass 2
without the passes.

-> that seems totally strange,..

Okay, funny thing is if '--passes 2' is used the stats file does not seem to get created. I suspect that '--passes 2' does a normal 1 pass encoding,...

Cu Selur

Ps.: will send you a link to a new dev version once I fixed that and thanks for testing! Smile
Quote:Okay, funny thing is if '--passes 2' is used the stats file does not seem to get created. I suspect that '--passes 2' does a normal 1 pass encoding,...

Maybe is just to enable the scene-detection like I read on the link you send me about aom settings. Just my quick guess though.

Ps.: will send you a link to a new dev version once I fixed that and thanks for testing! :)

No problem I'll install tomorrow, thank you for being so active in improving the program Smile
I tested the latest dev version and seems SVT-AV1 encoding worked but the output file is not saved. Stuck at creating mkv stage.

Also, oddly the installer worked without rebooting or other strange methods to avoid the usual Out of Memory error.

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