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How do I get the torchaddon package?
Might be related, wild guess is that current driver version somehow have issues with the ncnn stuff. Dodgy
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
Small update: Kiyamou opened the 'blue' issue over at github again.
Strangely, he couldn't reproduce the issue so far.

Quote:Moreover the "RealSR" resize is now very, very, very slow
Kiyamou, speculates that this is related to an updated ncnn version. Sad

Cu Selur
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
Dear Selur.
Thank you for remembering the problem and trying to help.
It remains to be hoped that Kiyamou will reproduce the problem
blue-brown screen and solve it.
Dear Selur.
I have Hybrid_dev_2022.11.24-165659 installed as well
VapoursynthR60_torch_2022.10.01 and vsgan_models.Today
new version 2023.01.22.1 released with big update
especially interesting to try vs-femasr. Tell me how
it's easier to upgrade to a new version while retaining the old features.
In general, for vs-femasr, it works calling:
python -m pip install -U vsfemasr
python -m vsfemasr
inside the Vapoursynth folder (see: to install it.
The problem is cuDNN also changed,...
You either need to install and update the filters and dependencies manually yourself, or I can send you a link to my current torchAddon.

Cu Selur
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
Dear Selur.
I don't understand anything about individual installations so for me
it's easier to uninstall everything and install a new version of Hybrid and a new
torchAddon on your link. Right.
Already send you a link via PM.

Cu Selur
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
It would be great to have the torch addon package.
Can you please Pm me the link for the dev build?
Thank you in advance
Best regards
Send you a pm.

Cu Selur
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
can i please get the torch addon?
i would like to try out esrgan and other upscaling models 
please provide the link and i will read this thread to find out how to instal thanks.

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