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2 Layers Dolby vision BL + EL
I want to encode a HDR video (I have XLM Dolby vision metadata) 2 Layer Dolby vision BL + EL. I'm with a scenariorist UHD authoring and the scenariorist works with two layers. Would you be so kind as to tell me how I could do the coding. Could you help me? if they need
some information to be able to help, write.

Thank you
Looking over at:
it does not seem like x265 supports dual layer Dolby vision (BL + EL).
Reading also supports this conclusion. might be able to help, best read

-> Hybrid has no way to handle dual layer dolby vision meta data as those are not supported by x265, but the above threads at doom9s might point a way how to inject these meta data into a raw .265 stream.

Cu Selur
Thank you for helping me Selur.

Your information has helped me clarify some things. But I think I misrepresented the question. I have to make a BLU RAY UHD, these work with 2 layers. From the information I have and I have seen what you have provided, Layer 1 is the base layer HDR 4K and then layer 2 is the DV where it is only read as reference for Dolby vision or HDR10 metadata. My question is how to make this second layer with Hybrid since it has the option to attach HDR10 and dolby vision metadata. which profile to use and boxes to check to avoid errors.

I don't know if I explained myself well now, sorry.
Ah, okay, since both HDR-10 and DV infos are there, you should:
  • enable "x265->Base->Compatiblity Restrictions->UHD Bluray" This restricts most of the stuff.
  • enable "x265->Signaling->General Signaling HDR"
  • enable "x265->Signaling->HDR-10/HDR-10+->HDR opt"
  • enable "x265->Signaling->HDR-10/HDR-10+->LightLevel" and add the max cll and max fall values.
  • enable "x265->Signaling->HDR-10/HDR-10+->Master Disply" and add the appropriate display infos
  • In case you HDR-10+ data in json format, enabled "x265->Signaling->HDR-10/HDR-10+-->Dynamic HDR-10+" and add your data file there.
  • For DV data, set "x265->Signaling->DolbyVision->Dolby Vision Profile" to the profile your data has (x265 only supports 5, 5.1 and 8 and log the data next to it)
  • VUI is already restricted through the "UHD Bluray" restriction.
Anything else that is still changable should still produce "UHD Bluray" compatible output.
Hybrid also does some tests while creating the jobs and should report an error if the video stream isn't UHD compatible.

Cu Selur
Thank you for helping Selur.

Just one question, as there is HDR10 and HDR10 plus. If it's just HDR10, does it also have metadata? Is the process the same as you explained to me?

Thanks greetings
Same steps, without setting 'Dynamic HDR-10+'.
HDR10 is defined through LightLevel and MasterDisplay info.

Cu Selur
(08.07.2022, 13:00)Selur Wrote: Same steps, without setting 'Dynamic HDR-10+'.
HDR10 is defined through LightLevel and MasterDisplay info.

Cu Selur

Clarified Selur, Thanks.

Just a question about the settings that I have to enter in LightLevel and MasterDisplay. Are they standard or does the provider of the video to be encoded have to provide them? Is there a website where these parameters are for adjustment?

All the best.
Those are normally provided by the one who color graded / created the file.

Cu Selur

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