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MKV Cutter forcing subtitles?
First, MKV Cutter is just the thing I was looking for, and it works great.


I have an mkv (x264) with a subtitle track. The track is not forced, i.e., it does not appear when playing the track normally in VLC.

After MKV Cutter, the subtitle track becomes forced and appears when playing the track in VLC.

As quick solution, you can simply open the file with mkvtoonix-gui, open the header editor and your file and change the 'force display' flag.
Haven't looked at the source code of MKV Cutter for quite some time, but I checked and MKV Cutter, does not set a flag that a subtitle file should be a default or forced track:
  foreach(QString file, subtitleFiles)
    options << "--no-video";
    options << "--no-audio";
    options << "--no-global-tags";
    options << "--no-chapters";
    options << "--no-track-tags";
    options << "--subtitle-tracks";
    options << "0";
    lang = file;
    index = lang.lastIndexOf("_track_");
    if (index != -1) {
      lang = lang.remove(0, index + 7);
      lang = lang.remove(lang.lastIndexOf("."), lang.size()).trimmed();
      index = lang.toInt();
      lang =;
      if (lang != QString()) {
        options << "--language";
        options << "0:" + lang;
    options << "--compression";
    options << "-1:none";
    options << doubleBackSlash(file);
MKV Cutter doesn't even check whether a stream is flagged as forced or not. Smile
Since I wrote MKV Cutter just as a proof of concept years ago, I don't really have any plan to change it in the near future.
So, the quickest option is to use the mkvtoolnix header editor.

Cu Selur

Ps.: Happy that MKV Cutter is still useful to some users out there. Smile
--- mainly offline 20.-26 of May ---
Thanks for the response! mkvtoolnix actually shows the subtitle track as unforced, so I have no idea what's going on. The subtitle displays automatically on an external media player as well, but not with the original file. Very bizarre.

At any rate, thank you for the wonderful tool. I'll keep poking around to try and figure it out.

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