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[HELP] LimitedSharpen for Vapoursynth

is there LimitedSharpen avaiable for Vapoursynth?

If not avaiable for Hybrid in the Future, is it avaiable as a .dll? So i can import it in Staxrip.

EDIT: oh, i see, LSFMod can do that for VapourSynth, i never tried it before, it is working like the LimitedSharpen in FFT3DFilter Neo?

Hybrid comes with LSFmod (=LimitedSharpenFasterMod) which is part of havsfunc (

If you search over at you can see there's also a LimitedSharpen2 script from

As a side notes:
Cu Selur
Thanks for the links,

is there a difference between LimitSharpen and LimitSharpenFaster?

I just want to test it out with Vapoursynth, dont know which to use properly. I only tried FFT3DFilter once which use that LimitedSharpen. The Result was very good.

EDIT: Ok, i see, lsfmod has some other functions i need to try then normal limitedsharpen.
Quote: I only tried FFT3DFilter once which use that LimitedSharpen.
That sounds wrong. FFT3DFilter doesn't use LimitedSharpen.
I doubt you ever used the old LimitedSharpen. Smile

Quote:Ok, i see, lsfmod has some other functions i need to try then normal limitedsharpen.
I doubt anybody will port the original LimitedSharpen since LSFmod should be better and faster.
So if you want to use a port of the original LimitedSharpen function you would have to port it to Vapoursynth yourself.

Cu Selur
Is there a way to even improve Bitrate of a clip besides using, TemporalDegrain2 and FFT3DFilter?

Something that selective Blur the garbage, or something?

I heard of things like Gaussian Blur, Variable Blur, ResampleHQ but never tested it.

Im using for most Clips:

CAS 0,73
FTT3D Filter
f3kdb deband

i already resized to 720p everytime.

i always use BicubicResize

i know CAS is using Bitrate as every sharpen do, but i want to save more Bitrate.
There is no Dirt in the clips, so i dont really need remove dirt or something.

Quote:Something that selective Blur the garbage, or something?
Basically anything that removes information will help lower the bit rate.
So adding degrain, delocking, all should lower the bit rate since they remove details.
Debanding will increase bit rate, since it's smoothing followed by adding grain and the added grain is what will increase bit rate requirements.
There is no magic filter that knows what should be considered 'garbage' and what are details.

Cu Selur

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