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[HELP] Deinterlacing + Detelecining VFR (Star Trek: Voyager DVD Rips)
If you ivtc you change the frame count, so your original time stamps will not match.
Hmmm... would Hybrid be able to handle this mixture of interlaced and telecined frames if the video were CFR? And if so, with which settings?
A DVD is cfr (there are no vfr DVDs), only MakeMKV does make some vfr stuff out of it and Hybrid tries to ignore those time codes.
The problem with handling mixtures of interlaced, telecined, progressive, field shifted content is that there is no automated way to properly detect them.
There isn't even a reliable and automated, way to determine if a source is interlaced, progressive, telecined, field shifted, even if there is no mixture.

Those DVDs are simply bad mastered / trash.

=> There is no 100% proper way to deal with such content in Hybrid (or any tool I know).
The next problem is: What do you want to aim at if the source is mixed?
If your source, if for example just interlaced, mixed with progressive content: What are you aiming for?

Personally, I would usually go for one of the following approaches:
  • (encode everything as interlaced H.264 and don't deal with it)
  • automated but flawed: bob deinterlace the whole thing, replace duplicates with interpolated frames, decimate to the frame rate you want. (this can be done in Hybrid)
  • manually: (this can not be done in Hybrid and requires that you are able to determine the nature of your source and to know how to best deal with it)
    • decide on either a target frame rate or that you want to create vfr content
    • split source by scan type (by hand)
    • handle each part in a separate script
    • combine the parts

Cu Selur

Ps.: For animes you can try using something like Wobbly (Vapoursynth) to figure out some way to create some ivtc like decimation.
Unfortunately my research has not identified a way to split a video into parts by scan type. Have you heard of a way to do that?
There is no automated way since there is no automated way to identify the scan type, so one would need to do this by hand. First identify what type of content is from where to where and then split the content, filter it and merge the filtered content.

Cu Selur

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