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Upscaling by x-factor
Hi there and thanks for Hybrid.
Is there an easy way to batch scale files by "factor" and not only by "resolution" ?

I am trying to scale a bunch of files, but to modify the resolution for every file is not a practical solution.
Is there an option like : scale by x-"number", like 2x, 4x, 8x etc. Or even a custom number like 1.5x, 3.5x etc.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Does Hybrid support scripting, so maybe it can be automated through scripting ?

Best regards
Not really, Hybrid has its own options which for batch processing, but nothing that easily would support what you want.
For what you want, Hybrid is the wrong tool.

Cu Selur
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emmm .. then I hope that it can be added as a feature in a future release Big Grin Wink .

Thanks again for Hybrid, it is refreshing to see a new program with new features.
Best regards
Don't really see much usage for such a feature, since usually multiplying a resolution by a fixed factor in batch makes no sense.
If others agree, that this is something useful I probably could add support for this, but atm. I think this is the wrong approach.

Cu Selur
I believe that automating tasks in Hybrid would be a great addition, not for upscaling only but for testing all features.
I mean automating tasks in general with scripting, or maybe with a small python integration.

As a practical use case:
I have been checking Hybrid features in the last couple of days, and it has a lot of features with a lot of options to test out.
Problem is : One can not test different/multiple features on different cases and videos, to find the best/optimal settings for a bunch of videos.
For example :
(testing 3 different upscalers, normal or AI) X (testing 3 different AI face enhancers) X (testing 4 different interpolation AI, each has 2 models) = 3 * 3 * (4 * 2) = 72 cases to test.

And giving the scripting aspect to Hybrid would help finding the best settings more quickly, and bring more opportunities to test and verify new theories of encoding.
And of course it will be more fun in testing  Big Grin  Angel  .
Yes, Hybrid does not have extensive scripting support.
Since it does not really make sense for it. Hybrid is a GUI meant for encoding, not filter comparisons.

For filter comparisons, better create the Vapoursynth scripts yourself using the scripting/programming language of your choice.
I do not play to write some sort of API interface for Hybrid, since it's not a library but an encoding GUI. Smile

Cu Selur
Took a quick look into the whole crop-, resize-, letterbox-, PAR-calculation in Hybrid and there is no quick/easy way to add a scale by X-factor without rewriting the whole code, which is not going to happen. (not spending a few weeks to rewrite that for a feature, which I don't think is a good approach)
=> I don't plan to add this to Hybrid.

Cu Selur
Not clear what are your needs.

Supposing that you have some files that you want upscale to 720p, you can select "Crop/Resize", set width to 1280 and let Hybrid to calculate the height, or you can set it manually, then you have to set the option in "Misc->Keep resize for new source". You have to move all the files that you want to upscale to 720p in the same folder, for example named "720p". Finally you can drag and drop the folder in the "Base" input field and Hybrid will start to analyze all the files in the directory and by pressing the button "add to queue", Hybrid will apply the same settings for all the movies in the folder "720p". You can repeat the process with a different resize and files, for example "1080p". 
You can repeat these steps to have all the combination of resize and filters that you need.

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