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[Ssuggestion] can be nice if drag'n dropping a file can "highlight" [BASE] tab
A lot of time, when doing "repetitive" tasks just changing a color correction or a cropping i take next video files to process and when i'm on Hybrid i remember that i have not switched to [BASE] to "drop" the new file to process...

can be nice if when there is a "drag'n drop" file present and the mouse will move on [BASE] tab, that Hybrid switches automatically to this TAB showing the file name input making able to "drop" the files without losing his original position.. just a sugegstion to speed up repetitive tasks ( to me this happens a lot)

a video about that:
I'll try look into it tomorrow, but probably won't get around to try implementing like this before the weekend. Smile

Cu Selur

Ps.: you are probably aware that you can drag&drop multiple files, assuming you can configure Hybrid to do the rest of what you want automatically, that might speed up things,...
i'm working on VHS and every tape has different cropping Sad  and different blue/red oversaturation... after i while i started placing a lot of jobs in queue editing one by one setting best vlaues (looking at the perview) and making Hybrid works all the night... Smile
Small update:
The whole drag&drop is a bit problematic when enabled for the whole ui, since Hybird already allows drag&drop for some of the menus etc. and you don't want to switch to Base-tab if drag is triggered while rearranging a queue,...
-> haven't found a good way to do this so far :/

Cu Selur

Ps: if you press 'F1' Hybrid switched to the Base-tab.
thank you very much for the F1 hint!
Think I figured it out, send you a link via pm to a dev version which should switch to the Base-tab if something is dragged into Hybrids window.

Cu Selur
working nice, thank you again!

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