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[HELP] Avisynth not processing
Just noticed I used: instead of dependcy walker, but they should look similar.

Cu Selur
Is there a way to export a detailed report for each file?
No clue, never needed to do that. (btw. 64bit dependencies are probably all there, so switching to 64bit Avisynth might solve your problem)
Alternatively installing: should install all the runtimes.
I have saved each of the dependency reports - attached.

Will switch to 64bit. I though that was what I was using, but it seems to have reverted back to 32bit with the dev installation.
Okay, no clue when I find time to look at those.
try whether extracting the attached file into your Hybrid/32bit/avisynthPlugins-folder fixes the problem.
(seems to work on my old laptop)

Cu Selur
Still in Avisynth (64 bit), and still seeing interlacing in the preview window.
Can't reproduce this here without a sample.

In general, there could be different reasons for this:
  • content is interlaced and setting need to be adjusted
  • content is interlaced with some not detected field shifts using vinvers might help
  • since you use QTGMC with sRestore, I suspect the content might not be interlaced, but may be telecined or field shifted.
  • you got interlaced content that was encoded interlaced
would need a short sample to test and give specific advice.

Cu Selur
It is definitely interlaced, I captured it from PAL VHS. The info window also confirms it is interlaced, bottom field first. I will try overwriting to bottom field first.
Hybrid already knows its btf,..
# color sampling YV12@8, matrix: bt601, scantyp: bottom field first, luminance scale: limited
LWLibavVideoSource("M:\Draconian-IN\Dispatches - Visible Harm VHS",cache=false,dr=true,format="YUV420P8", prefer_hw=0)
# current resolution: 720x576
# deinterlacing
QTGMC(Preset="Medium", ediThreads=2)

Cu Selur

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