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Possible to reload and edit Job
Just before I launch a Job my system crashed luckily the job was saved but now when I run it, it crashed. Probably I did some error in the filter I added and I want to check it, but I would not like to restart everything from scratch.

Is it possible to reload the Job and then modify the part that probably give the error?
I could not find the options.

Saved jobs can not get modified after their creation by Hybrid.
So if you change anything in the filter configuration after the creation of the job, the job will not change.

Cu Selur
And is also not possible to reload the job then create a new working instance where do all the changes and save a new job with all the mods, am I right?
You can not change a job in Hybrid.
You could in theory:
1. close Hybrid
2. look at the job file (in your settings folder)
3. modify that file with a text editor and save it
4. start Hybrid

Cu Selur
Thanks, I did it.

But even after erasing the filter I added the encoding crash I have to figure out why.
The sticky contains details about what data I need to help with problems, but when you start to mess with the jobs you are on your own since any change then is out of the control of Hybrid.

Cu Selur
I added this custom filter:

# defining beforeDeCross-function - START
def beforeDeCross(clip):
  core.std.LoadPlugin(path="C:/Audio-video App/Hybrid/64bit/Vapoursynth/vapoursynth64/plugins/fillborders.dll")
  clip = core.fb.FillBorders(clip, int left=3, int right=0, int top=0, int bottom=0, string mode="fillmargins", int interlaced=-1)
  return clip
# defining beforeDeCross-function - END

and I thought it was the source of the crash but it's not.

So I will build everything again and see If I can figure out where is the problem.

If you want I can send you a copy of autosavedJobs.xml
core.std.LoadPlugin(path="C:/Audio-video App/Hybrid/64bit/Vapoursynth/vapoursynth64/plugins/fillborders.dll")
Hybrid uses a portable Vapoursynth version, sadly Vapoursynth has no option to disable autoloading, so this really might cause issues, since Vapoursynth might autoload them.
a. In general, I would recommend to make sure not to put .dlls in that folder. ('vapoursynth64/plugins'; also don't put stuff in the coreplugins folder.)
b. If there are .dlls in that folder, they might get autoloaded and explicitly loading them will cause a crash.

clip = core.fb.FillBorders(clip, int left=3, int right=0, int top=0, int bottom=0, string mode="fillmargins", int interlaced=-1)
that will also not work, since it's not Vapoursynth/Python code.
it should be:
clip = core.fb.FillBorders(clip=clip, left=3, right=0, top=0, bottom=0, mode="fillmargins", interlaced=-1)
the types should not be in the call.

If you remove the 'def beforeDeCross(clip)'-section, you should also make sure to remove the invocation of that definition.
clip = beforeDeCross(clip)
otherwise, the script will fail since it does not know what 'beforeDeCross' is.

If you add random stuff to a custom section, you really should check the preview to see whether what you added really works.

Cu Selur

Ps.: recreating the job seems to be easier Wink

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