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Wine - Closing Hybrid, since it's running with administrator rights!
(06.12.2018, 20:37)Selur Wrote:
Quote:But how do I compile vapoursynth-editor?
No clue on arch linux, on ubuntu you need to install Vapoursynth + Qt, call qmake one and then call qmake.
You can ask djcj, he builds the hosts the Ubuntu repository and probably can give you more details. Smile

Cu Selur

Okay, I did something after all. QTGMC is available but Hybrid it crashes.
I installed it manually from this place:
Do you have any suggestions?

I'll try harder. Smile
Quote:I installed it manually from this place:
That's the Ubuntu repository of djcj which I mentioned. Wink

Quote:QTGMC is available but Hybrid it crashes.
Without any details: No
No clue where it crashes. First thing I would recommend is to check whether the Vapoursynth setup works by trying the 'Vapoursynth Preview', vsviewer might show some errors.
Assuming the Vapoursynth Preview works and Hybrid crashes during the processing of a job, read the sticky and provide a debug output.

Cu Selur

Ps.: on my way to bed and really busy tomorrow, so don't expect any additional feedback from me until Sunday. (might have a quick look tomorrow before work, but no promises)
'Vapoursynth Preview' not working. No vsViewer present!

Process 7381 (Hybrid) dumped core if I use QTGMC.

I finally got a log:

 -> should be there after processing: /home/user/.tmp/22_48_05_9410_03.264
starting 22_48_05_9410_03_video@22:48:06.393 - /home/user/Video/video.mp4
finished after 00:00:01.248
-> 22_48_05_9410_03_video crashed: ERROR: /home/user/.tmp/22_48_05_9410_03.264 is too small! (byteSize: 0byte)
Aborting '22_48_05_9410_03_video' due to: ERROR: /home/user/.tmp/22_48_05_9410_03.264 is too small! (byteSize: 0byte)
Job 22_48_05_9410 finished!"
Quote:'Vapoursynth Preview' not working. No vsViewer present!
seems like Hybrid can't find vsViewer, try pointing Hybrid to it under Config->Tools (and save the defaults afterwards)

Quote:I finally got a log
Normal log, doesn't help at all, like I wrote I need a debug output. (read the sticky I linked to before,...)

Cu Selur

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