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Avisynth setup under linux
FFMPEG_32, Mplayer_32 and Mencoder_32 should not ne needed in Linux since Hybrid should use avs2yuv.
I am still trying to get to the bottom of why Hybrid is crashing on filter input and I have noticed that the log is saying that the indexer has failed to create a /tmp/.dgi file.

This file type is associated with HDConvertToX  video format converter which is not included with the Hybrid download sioI am puzzled.

Aside from this, I get error pop-ups saying wine cannot find avsViewer which is also strange because I can launch it just with "wine avsViewer"

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Like I wrote before: Deleted DGDecNV

Cu Selur
Seems to me like there is no help here
To sum it up:
  • Unless you have your own license for DGDecNV it won't work, since each DGDecNV version is compiled for specific hardware and requires a specific license key and the hardware.
  • I accidentally added my own DGDecNV copy to the avisynthPlugins-package (fixed that), which is why I told you (multiple times) to delete the copy in your avisynthPlugins folder.
  • When the DGDecNV binaries are present in the avisynthPlugins folder and 'Filtering->Avisynth->Misc->Support DGDecNV' is enabled, Hybrid will try to use it and fail on your system, since:
    • you don't use a DGDecNV version with a license key that was created with your hardware
    • wine often has problems with hardware accelerated tools

Quote:Seems to me like there is no help here
I agree since you don't to listen there is no more sense in trying to help you.
Happy you got some part of Avisynth working on your system, but that seems to be the end of the round for me.

Much luck in your future endeavors.

Cu Selur
The Nvidia related files were removed and despite whatever to  uncheck "Support DGDecNV" Hybrid repeatedly defaults to that. But then I already stated all of that before.

I now have a working avisynth preview but there are many pop-up errors and. Have tested tweak filter by increasing saturation and
the difference can be clearly seen in the preview. Encoding with the setting is however not possible. Hybrid just crashes.
Debug file attached

According to avsmeter-avsinfo there are several dll errors that need to be fixed. See towards the bottom of the attached report file.

Running Dependency Walker on avsViewer, svsinfo and avs2yuv gave no errors, However both DGIndex and DGDecode had issues.
Curiously, I get a similar result for DGIndex and DGDecode when I ran DW on win764 however a completely different result when ran
on one of my laptops having win732bit.

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