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Full Version: language id not set on audio encoded with Qaac
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Using the dev version 2020.12.31, I noted that when I encode the audio of a video with "Qaac" the language id is not set. This problem doesn't happen if I select "Nero AAC" or "FDK".
I'm using the mkv container and in the case the audio is encoded with "Qaac" is not provided the parameter "--language" to mkvmerge.

I have another question not related to this problem. I noted that using the Nvenc encoder there is the possibility to let the encoder to calculate the PSNR and SSIM, but is not clear to me how these values are displayed in Hybrid, I don't see any information in the log.
Will look at the automatic language passthrough tomorrow.
As a workaround setting the language in the 'Tags'-tab (Tags->Streams; don't forget to add the setting to the 'Tag - Queue') will probably work.

About the output of the encoder, tell Hybrid to create a report file (Config->Internals->Create report file).

Cu Selur
Regarding the problem described in this post. I noted that the problem does not happen always, but only for some files.

The settings for Qaac are the following:


Moreover I setup the limit audio language as the following:


In this link I attached a movie where Hybrid fails to assign the language:
I'll look at the file and try to reproduce it.
Hmm,... when I try it, I get:
mkvmerge --ui-language en -o "E:\Output\Input_test_qaac.mkv" --global-tags "E:\Temp\Input_test_qaac_2021-01-09@13_33_33_9410__05.xml" -d 0 --default-track 0:yes --default-duration "0:24000/1001fps" --no-chapters --compression -1:none --forced-track 0:yes --no-audio --no-subtitles "E:\Temp\Input_test_qaac_2021-01-09@13_33_33_9410_04.265" --language 0:it --default-track 0:yes --forced-track 0:no -a 0 --compression -1:none --no-video --no-subtitles --no-chapters "E:\Temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_it_02.aac"
No clue what's happening on your end without a debug output, can't reproduce the issue with the same and the screenshots here.

Cu Selur
I attached the full debug output.
Okay, problem happens due to a bug in the parsing which makes Hybrid stumble over your folder naming. Smile
-> will fix and send you a link to a dev version (via PM) with the fix in ~30min

Cu Selur
The new version fixed the issue.

Thanks Smile