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Full Version: crash when encoding ac3
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Another new bug: If switch to "Use Filter Queue" Hybrid crash.
If switch to "Use Filter Queue" when no any video imported - got these pop-ups messages:
"vsUseFilterQueueCheckBox: Couldn't find vsBasicVSR++AddFilterPushButton"
"vsUseFilterQueueCheckBox: Couldn't find vsBasicVSR++RemovedFilterPushButton"
updated the download, same link, should work now.

Cu Selur
Hi Selur,

The 2021090801 version seems nice to me. First launch very fast (0,6") as usual.
"Tool versions" displays the correct mkv tools version, without clearing the cache and without adding the tools manually.
I don't know for the other tools but it looks like you corrected the small bug.

Thanks again for your poweerful tool!

And if you need help to test things, I'm willing to help.
I'm no programmer but if I can help, that's the least I can do. Big Grin 

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