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Full Version: crash when encoding ac3
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(06.09.2021, 18:43)Selur Wrote: [ -> ]No clue why this happens, try whether it works if you rename the 'Le Tombeau des lucioles'-folder to 'Le_Tombeau_des_lucioles'.

Cu Selur

ok, I renamed it to LeTombeaudeslucioles.
Same crash I think.
Yes, same crash.
Does this only happen with this source or also with others?

Cu Selur
I made some new tests, thinking 384kbps was too much, downing to 128kbps, but I got the same crash.

I checked again the ac3 file. Mediainfo states it's an ac3 384Kbps 48Khz 2 channels, which I expected to be.
I listened to the file in vlc and it runs fine. And vlc sees it with the same codec infos.

Ok, I tried something else.
Encoding the ac3 without speed changing, with only a bitrate change from 384 to 320.
It works fine.
So, the problem is in the speed changing.

I don't know if it helps much...
Sound promising,.. will look into it.
Okay, good news: I can reproduce the problem. Smile
-> busy atm. but will later look into it some more and since I can reproduce it I should be able to fix it. Smile

Cu Seluir
Smile  Sounds good to me Smile
Send you a link to a dev verison which hopefully fixes the issue.

Cu Selur
Hi Selur,

ok, thanks.
First of all...
I trashed all Hybrid stuff before installing this new version.
I installed MKVToolNix v53 inside to replace the v61.
I started Hybrid, then went to tools to check the versions. I didn't really saw mkvtn, so I cleared the cached tool infos but it didn't change a thing (which is normal, as you said before).
But I got again the same "Can't use mkvmerge without knowing it's version!" problem. I don't understand why... but I did install the three tools manually as usual. It's not a big problem to me but I tell you, "for the record".

I will test ac3 encoding later: need to go diner
Will look at the version thing tomorrow.
(Strange that his isn't happening in my MacOS VM)

Cu Selur
(07.09.2021, 19:34)Selur Wrote: [ -> ]Will look at the version thing tomorrow.
(Strange that his isn't happening in my MacOS VM)

Cu Selur

I don't know if it's good but I don't re-install Vapoursynth. I installed it once with the 2021 july Hybrid version.
I don't use VS. I hope it's not a problem for this mkv version thing.
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