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Full Version: Removing Duplicate Frames
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I've got a screen captured movie file, which is variable 60fps, and I'm trying to get it back to its original 23.976 framerate.  I tried sRestore set to 23.976, but it is leaving duplicate frames. Is there a way to remove all duplicate frames?

Hybrid has no filter to remove duplicates without a specific frame rate in mind.
Hybrid if there's a pattern you could use SelectEvery or SelectRangeEvery.
Depending on the content, using TIVTC in mode 7 and specifying your target frame rate or adjusting the settings in TIVTC or sRestore might also help.
When using Vapoursynth you could use FillDrops (for single duplicates) or FillDuplicateFrames to replace the duplicates with interpolated frames.

Cu Selur
I need the file to play at 23.976 constant frame rate.

There are random duplicate frames throughout on scenes where there is little motion, so no fixed pattern. Is FillDrops only in Vapoursynth? Thanks, I will try it. Would changing the sensitivity settings of sRestore help also?

I used to be able to do it via FFmpeg, but the commands seem to have changed.
Yes, I only implement direct support for FillDrops in Vapoursynth. (But one could always add it through a custom section.)
Quote: Would changing the sensitivity settings of sRestore help also?
Adjusting the existing settings might help, assuming it can help. You will have to try.

Cu Selur