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Full Version: Want to help?
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Since from time-to-time folks ask how they could help aside from donating.

Here are the first things that come to mind:
  • Help by improving the tool-tips.
    What is needed:
    1. a good grasp of the english language.
    2. knowledge about what tool-tips you want to improve and how you want to improve them.
    3. Qt Designer. (comes with either with a standard qt installation or with a standalone package for Windows or Mac
    4. the current .ui file of the part of the gui, you want to improve. Simply send me a PM and I'll send you a link to the latest version.
  • So the general workflow should be:
    • install Qt Designer
    • get the latest .ui file
    • open the .ui file in the designer, navigate it, right click on the element where you want to change the tool-tip, adjust the tool-tip,... once everything is adjusted, save the file.
    • share the adjusted file with me.
      I'll then have a quick look at the changes and commit them to the source code.
  • Help by informing me of updates:
    If you notice that Hybrid uses some old tools which haven't been updated (and were available before the last public release), let me know. From time to time it happens that I miss a tool update, especially for stuff that I personally don't use. So simply write a PM or create a post about the old tool that could be updated.
  • Help by informing me of bugs:
    If you encounter something that looks like it's a bug in Hybrid or one of the tools that it uses let me know. Read the Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..-sticky and post the bug report in a separate thread.

Cu Selur