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[INFO] Updates,...
Hybrid rev 2021.07.18.1:
  • Vapoursynth: missing libraries and old scripts in MacOS package
    Users might have to reset FilteringModel defaults and Vaporusynth filter order.
  • Vapoursynth: changed sangnom.SangNomMod to sangnom.SangNom calls

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2021.12.05.1:
  • Video: some models didn't load the saved defaults
  • Video: aoemenc:,2pass fails when custom addition was used
  • Vapoursynth: 12bit scaling bug
  • Vapoursynth: reset filters + removed use Deinterlace checkbox
  • Vapoursynth: HQDN3D parameter fix
  • Vapoursynth: handling Vapoursynth input scripts in case they are not further processed
  • Vapoursynth: TemporalGrain2 support
  • Avisynth: QTGMC doesn't support YUV411
  • Analysis/Muxing: handling mkv supporting that a single attachment can have multiple ids.
  • Jobs: handling jobs with 99+ subjobs
  • Audio: stereo to mono downmix
  • Input: Input dvd title minimum length was active even then the option was disabled.
  • Extraction: use more quotes when using mplayer for extraction on MacOS and Linux
  • Jobs: option to clean temp folder
  • Filtering: wrong letterbox values on reload of source
  • Vapoursynth: letterbox + telecine handling
  • Analysis: filter audio by language before initialization
  • Video: ProRes 4444 handling + activate Controls
  • Input: freeze on unsupported raw input
  • Vapoursynth: DGDecNV deinterlace call for tff
  • Audio: handling opus raw audio as Audio Input
  • Vapoursynth: sRestore was missing ChangeFPS when 'frate' was set while 'omode' wasn't 6.
  • GUI: some small glitches
  • Cut: cut end frame rounding
  • Video: NVEnc deinterlace
  • Video: ffnvenc accidentally removed on Linux systems.
  • Model: reset input when reloading defaults on non-empty input
  • Audio: pcm input handling
  • Avisynth: LSFMod now hdb compatible
  • Analysis: TimeCodeGrabber ffmpeg
  • Jobs: extrating mov to raw
  • Audio: ffmpeg->sox->ffmpeg encoding
  • Avisynth: RemoveDirt split typo
  • Avisynth: FrameRateConverter, MvToolsFPS
  • Vaoursynth: trim + Vapoursynth FilterPreview
  • Audio: ac3 dialognorm, audioNormalization
  • Muxing: Cineform muxing
  • Avisynth: 'Filtering->Avisynth->Denoise' en-/disable not saved in profiles.
  • Vapoursynth: forgot adjuster for SRMD
  • Vapoursynht: drop alpha channel when using LWLibavSource
  • Muxing: remuxing vfr mov to m2ts by ignoring the time codes
  • Decoding: vidstab when ffmpeg encoders are used
  • Vapoursynth: fixed ResampleHQ call when stepped resize is used
  • Audio: audio only audio job creation
  • Vapoursynth: vsHDRToSDRDGLight init value
  • Video: x265: support old 16bit x265 from 2015 (misc.ini, supportX26516bit=true; Windows only)
  • Decode: mplayer/mencode use '-demuxer lavf' not '-demuxer mkv' for webm content.
  • Video: encoding type "specific filesize/bitrate (1st pass)" -> "specific filesize/bitrate (2pass - 1st pass)" and "specific filesize/bitrate (2nd pass)" ->"specific filesize/bitrate (2pass - 2nd pass)" to limit confusion
  • Video: NVEnc - added '--chroma-qp-offset X'
  • Avisynth: TemporalDegrain2 supports 8-16bit YUV
  • NVEnc: color range values
  • Muxing: mkv mpeg-2 interlaced handling
  • Jobs: create sub-folders in temp per job (experimental)
  • Vapoursynth: tcanny sigma to 0.5
  • Synth: allow to force bit depth when using flash3kdb
  • Vapoursynth: FilterOrder cosmetics: a. used filters are bold b. filters can be moved through mouse drag&drop
  • Decode: not uisng '-demuxer mkv' but for mkv/webm compatible input (this might cause problems, but we will see)
  • Analysis: changed MakeMKV workarounds,...
  • Input: add 'iso' to the file extensions to ignore
  • Vapoursynth: sRestore min threshold to 1
  • Jobs: use json options file for mkvtoolnix
  • Jobs: explicitly set LANG and LC_ALL in qprocess environment
  • Muxing: allow passthrough ProRes to mkv
  • Vapoursynth: allow GLS Resizer&Filter for Mac
  • Vapoursynth: updated ReadMPLS filter on Windows, fixed code
  • Vapoursynth: "lower resolution before resize" can now be restricted to width/height
  • Avisynth: FrFun7 now available for 64bit Avisynth
  • Video: support FFV1 set output color space.
  • Avisynth: disable HDRAGC for 64bit
  • Avisnyth: more Histogram options separateFieldInterlacedHandling
  • Vapoursynth: switch to API4
  • Analysis: adjust to MediaInfo for HDR transfer detection
  • Video: Xvid encraw doesn't have '-i ..' anymore
  • Vapoursynth: removed openCL option from vsMCDeGrain since there's no TCannyCL anymore.
  • Analysis: removed unnecessary code Analysis if container frame rate more than 20 times the stream frame rate, use stream frame rate. x264 version: convert 0.164.x to version 5000 vp9: restrict cpuUsed to
  • Filtering: ffmpeg tonemap added npl-parameter
  • Video: ediaaCuda (Windows only)
  • Vapoursynth: muvsfunc.SSMI_downscale = SSIMD
  • Vapoursynth: DPIR, vsRealESRGAN, BasicVSR++, TorchRIFE, vs-swinir, vs-hinet support (in pytorch addon)
  • Avisynth: Spotless
  • Vapoursynth: only apply range option
  • Vapoursynth: chunked encoding support for 1pass encoding methods (*experimental*)

-> downloads:

Cu Selur

Ps.: Note that Hybrid switched to Vapoursynth API4 so Vapoursynth, filters and tools usind Vapoursynth need to be updated. Also deinstall old Hybrid before installing this release.
Hybrid rev 2021.12.12.1:
  • Avisynth: RGBAdjust controls
  • Avisynth: FRIM handling
  • Vapoursynth: some popups when HINet isn't present

  • add chapters to non-mp4 files when muxing with ffmpeg

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2022.03.09.1:
  • Analysis: FFmpeg color matrix detection
  • Input: make sure fps&frame count in encoders get updated on loading a source
  • aomenc: noise settings for 2pass constrained quality
  • Vapoursynth: split view 'diff' for RGB content
  • Preview: do not use MPlayer for Preview when Avisynth 64bit is used
  • Avisynth: profile: all Misc settings should now be saved in the Avisynth-profile
  • Avisynth: YUY2 needs to converted to YV16 for output.
  • Vapoursynth: mClean handling
  • Vapoursynth: fallback downsizer selection
  • Vapoursynth: missing PlaceboDebandThreshold
  • Vapoursynth: missing AviSource library loading
  • Vapoursynth: vsSMDegrain NNedi3 subpixel selection
  • Vapoursynth: stepped resizing
  • Vapoursynth: fixed vsRIFE missing miscfilters import when sceneChangeDetection was used.
  • Vapoursynth: adds mod4 for vsMCTemporalDenoise&avsTTempSmooth
  • Vapoursynth: clean up model combis
  • Vapoursynth: allow to set ColorMatrix flag when using timeCube
  • NVEncC: Level<>Bitrate mixup
  • FFMpeg: added -bsf:v h264_mp4toannexb for H.264 .avi muxing
  • UTVideo: use yuv44p for ULRG

  • Vapoursynth: support filter masking (max and edge mask)
  • Vapoursynth: FillDrops, CCD, parameterized GLSResizer
  • Vapoursynth: 12bit color handling
  • Vapoursynth: parameterized GLSL: adaptive-sharpen, LumaSharpen, ThinLine, A4K Darken
  • Vapoursynth: option to limit Libav threads in VapoursynthTab
  • Avisynth: support Histogram "RGBLevels", "CMYLevels", "RGBParade"
  • Avisynth: use avsInfo/avsInfo64 selection depending on whether Avisynth 32bit or 64bit selection
  • NVEncC: -vpp-colorspace lut3d=".." support

  • Avisynth: Updated TemporalDegrain2 to 2.4.2
  • Vapoursynth: Adjusted to VSGAN 1.6.4
  • Avisynth Script input: force FFmpeg autoCrop detection
  • Vapoursynth: moved aaf and TemporalDegrain to ''
  • Vapoursynth: MCTemporalDenoise nCPU
  • Vapoursynth: save misc in profiles
  • FFMpeg now using matrix instead of out_color_matrix
  • GUI: fullscreen, font size adjustment,...   
  • FFMpeg: explicitly call YUV->RGB conversion with matrix on PNG creation and PNG encoder call
  • Vapoursynth: KillerSpots and RemoveDirt disabled since RemoveDirt is broken for Vapoursynth
  • Vapoursynth: '# require colorformat XXX' for custom sections
  • Vapoursynth: changed default behaviour regarding loading libraries and added vsLoadLibrariesOnNonWindows to misc.ini on non-Windows OSs
  • Vapoursynth: use KNLMeansCL-Wrapper from havsfunc for speedUp on YUV content when all channels are filtered
  • Output: allow Hevc for mov container
  • misc.ini: fontSize and toolTipFontSize options

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Just noticed that I broke Vapoursynth script creation during job creation.
-> will release a fixed version tomorrow.

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2022.03.20.1:
  • Vapoursynth: script creation during script creation
  • GUI: save icon/text selection in GlobalDataModel

  • misc.ini: disableIcons option

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2022.11.26.1:
Tons of changes, see:
Make sure to either uninstall previous installations or reset defaults and load, check, resave every config&co you use.

-> downloads:

@Linux-Users: note that this is the last 5.95 Qt build will switch to Qt6 and a newer Ubuntu for building in the future.
@MacOS-Users: Sorry, no update of Hybrid atm. building all the tools is just too much trouble.

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2022.11.28.1:
  • Video: x264 range mixup
  • Decode: Mencoder -> FFMpeg pixFormat adjustement
  • Avisynth: Custom additions only working for first 50 filters

-> downloads:

Cu Selur
  • Analysis: mkv attachement type detection
  • Video: NVEncC disable psnr/ssim when input is 4:4:4
  • Vapoursynth: width&height mixup in SSIMD checks
  • Vapoursynth: missing matrix info on separate field handling
  • Video: x264: temporalsublayer adjustment
  • Video: x265: --sbr mixup
  • Video: aomenc: decouple auto-alt-ref and some other options
  • Vapoursynth: vsYadifMod, EEDI3 only supports YUVXXXP8
  • Jobs: ffmpeg muxing deleted audio stream even if it was an input file
  • Jobs: chuncked encoding
  • Avisynth: applying Toon, VagueDenoiser, AddGrain, GrainFactory3 during filter order handling
  • Synth: fix DG PullDown handling
  • Muxing: avi handling
  • Vapoursynth: vsFilterQueue fmtconv handling
  • Jobs: temp-folder per job handling for qp&stats files.
  • Analysis: understand "Mastering display color primaries: BT.709"
  • Avisynth: fix filterQueue
  • Video: NVencC references gui glitches
  • Video: NVEncC: weightedp not added to command line
  • Video: NVEncC: remove xxxhq modes
  • Video: fix chapter point calculation
  • Audio: audio only handling
  • Video: SVT-AVI options
  • Vapoursynth: Gradfun3d+Preview+Masking
  • Vapoursynth: fixed - save Masking&Co in Vapoursynth profiles
  • Vapoursynth: FilterQueue + MAsking and onRegionOnly
  • Vapoursynth: Santiang call
  • Filtering: AutoCrop adjustment
  • Avisynth: fix disabled controls
  • Vapoursynth: eedi3m vs eedi3m_opencl (Windows only)
  • NVEncC: no profile&level&tier control for AV1, only 4:2:0 supported.
  • Qt Updates: Changed to Qt 6.4.2 on Windows and Qt 5.15.3 on Linux
  • Vapoursynth: more options for MVToolsFPS
  • Video: aomenc cosmetics
  • Analysis: scan order check adjusted
  • Synth: libavsource: repeat=true handling
  • Video: aomenc adjust golden frame max, min values
  • Video: NVEncC support Lut interp option
  • Avisynth: FFT3DGPU add bitdepth option to force input depth
  • Synth: forceFilm through DGDecode, thanks to DG!
  • Vapoursynth: updated TemporalDegrain2
  • Jobs: additional user prompt when clearing temp folder
  • Avisynth: add PreRoll when using DGDecNV
  • Video: NVEncC: support aq independent of encoding mode
  • NVEncC: disable multiRef when it's not supported
  • Jobs: chunking: restrict used filters during scene change detection
  • Vapoursynth: vsRealESRGAN, Fusion, num_streams support
  • Vaporusynth: vsRetinex: increase sigma max
  • Vapoursynth: increase dehalo_alpha and finedehalp rx/ry max values
  • Audio: 'Ignore reencode and passthrough if format is ...'-option
  • Vapoursynth: support for NeoF3kD
  • Vapoursynth: weighted resizing
  • Vapoursynth: torchAddon vsSCUNet, vs-femasr, AnimeSR support
  • Video: aomenc '--gf-max-pyr-height'-option
  • Video: SVT-XXX removed 'Create qp file for chapters', see: https://
  • Video: cuda nvencu encoder support
-> downloads:

Cu Selur
Hybrid rev 2023.03.17.1:
  • Muxing: FFmpeg can't handle ttxt subtitle
  • Avisynth: use vsDeblockP77 for DeblockPP7
  • Vapoursynth: missing some needed checks
  • Vapoursynth: re-enable RealCUGAN resizer
  • Tools: set priority through niceness on vsViewer&avsViewer
  • Torch: adjust to SwinIR v3, DPIR v3.0.0, vsFeMaSR updated, vsGMFSS_union
  • Video: disable NVEncC/QSVEncC 'encoder only' for 'DVD input
  • Avisynth: mclean not called with default filter order
  • Avisynth: SelectRangeEvery
  • Vapoursynth: mod requirement handling for some filters
  • Vapoursynth: crop with interlaced fields handling
  • Vapoursynth: a few issues around masking
  • Vapoursynth: restrict Santiag color spaces
  • Vapoursynth: (normal) TimeCube call
  • Vapoursynth: restrict color spaces for NVEncCL
  • Vapoursynth: convert RGBH to RGBS for fmtc
  • Vapoursynth: vsPreview handling non-square aspect ratio
  • Vapoursynth: loading BilateralGPU filter in vsGradFun
  • Synth: letterbox issue where letterbow width/height addition was uneven
  • Jobs: typo in job generation for blu-ray input
  • Jobs: index file path for 'Create sub-folder ...'
  • Video: SVT-AV1 denoise option rennamed
  • Video: x264 only add rc-lookahead when mbtree is used
  • Video: SVT-AV1 HDR10 signaling
  • Video: x265 signaling luma always as limited
  • Audio: multi-input raw audio reencode
  • Vapoursynth: mode vsSpotLess options
  • Vapoursynth: support for vsDGDenoise, vsDGSharpen
  • Video: NVEncC npp support
  • Filtering: overwrite input color matrix and luminance value

-> downloads:

Cu Selur

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