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My encode result is a green messed up video
Okay, seem sot be an issue with x264 and the source.
I used x265 for encoding which worked fine.
-> will look at x264 and report back
Nope it's not the x264 call itself.
The encoding call:
"C:/PROGRA~1/Hybrid\ffmpeg.exe" -y -loglevel fatal -noautorotate -nostdin -threads 8 -i "C:\Users\User\Desktop\hxhf\script.avs" -an -sn -vf  scale=out_range=tv -pix_fmt yuv420p -vsync 0  -f rawvideo - | "C:/PROGRA~1/Hybrid\x264.exe" --preset superfast --pass 1 --bitrate 1500 --profile high --level 4.1 --direct auto --sync-lookahead 12 --qcomp 0.5 --rc-lookahead 40 --aq-mode 0 --thread-input --sar 1:1 --non-deterministic --stats "C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\final_18_57_44_0910_01.stats" --demuxer raw --input-res 1280x720 --input-csp i420 --input-depth 8 --fps 24000/1001 --output NUL -
looks fine to me.

Okay, something is 'off'.
The location of you ffmpeg is wrong. (tools are sorted into 32bit and 64bit folder since 2014.07.03.1)
-> Deinstall Hybrid completely (with all settings) and reinstall the dev verison, then try again.

Cu Selur
Okay, I completely uninstalled it and reinstalled the dev version you sent me.
I no longer get the error message: "Vapoursynth - unsupported color sampling: YV12 with bit depth: 2"

However, when I try to run the job it instantly crashes:
[Image: KB14a5Z.png]

This happens when I also change Support to Avisynth. I'll send you the Debug report lvl 9 via PM.
You messed up with the DebugOutput it only shows the loading of the source and the analysis, up to the point where you changed the output directory and thus changed where the debug output will be created,... (btw. going to bed now)
I've PM'd you a new debug report.
No you did not.
The one you send me now also stops at:
2020.04.03 - 22:28:05_Windows 10 Version 1903 (64bit)_2020.04.03.1 - level 9: outputDir set to(2): C:\Users\User\Desktop\hxhf
-> set the output folder before enabling the debug output like mentioned here: [INFO] Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..

Cu Selur
Okay, sent you a 3rd log. It should definitely be correct now.
Go it, I see the problem now ffmpeg 64bit is used, but ffmpeg 32bit should be used.
-> I can reproduce this here, looking into it.

Cu Selur
Send you a new link to a new dev version.

Cu Selur
Thanks, okay it's now managed to encode.

Good news: The green mess is gone and the video encoded without crashing!  Smile  But only the subtitles that use VSFilter have been hardcoded.
Bad news: The subs that use the VSFilterMod (Karaoke.ass) don't show up, so I assume haven't been hardcoded for some reason.

Just a reminder of the script:



return last

The TextSubMod command is for VSFilterMod. I'll send you the debug report lvl 9. 

(Note: I think I know why I've been sending incomplete debug reports. I think Hybrid has a bug where after you initially set the default output path at the beginning, when you later on decide where the encode will output to, and set to a different location, the debug report creates a new file in the encode output folder and carries on logging. So I think that the debug report split into 2 files in 2 different folders.)

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