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New version crash during indexing with DGDecNV
With the new version 2021.07.17.1 in windows I'm having a crash all the time:

Indexer crashed: -1073741515 - 1!
-> 2021-07-18@02_09_01_0110_04_index crashed: Indexer crashed: -1073741515 - 1!
Aborting '2021-07-18@02_09_01_0110_04_index' due to: Indexer crashed: -1073741515 - 1!
The call itself looks fine to me.
What happens if you call:
"C:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\vsfilters\SourceFilter\DGDecNV\DGIndexNV.exe" -i "D:\Queen Montreal\title_t02.mkv" -o "D:\Hybrid Trabajo\2021-07-18@02_09_01_0110.dgi" -h -e
in a Windows Command Prompt?

Cu Selur

Ps.: adjusted thread title
PPs.: As a workaround, disabling Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Source->Use DGDecNV when available should help.
Disabling "Use DGDecNV when available" works.
Hybrid uses DGDecNV all the time in the last version and I never have an nvidia graphic card.
Strange it should not enable it when there is no NVIDIA card -> will look into it.

Cu Selur
I send you a link to a dev version, it should hopefully properly not use DGDevNV unless an NVIDIA card is present, even if "Filtering->Vapoursynth->Misc->Source->Use DGDecNV" is enabled.

-> please test and let me know whether it works

Cu Selur
In the dev version you send me it's fixed. Even selecting "Use DGDecNV when available" it doesn't use DGDecNV with my amd graphic card, as it should be.
Wonderful! Thanks for testing. Smile

Cu Selur

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