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How do I get the torchaddon package?
I just moved the 25GB folder to another drive and so far everything works

Thank you.
Yes, simply moving it will work, but the settings are still under 'C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\hybrid' and the uninstaller will not work anymore properly since it uses the old location. This is why making a Hybird portable or doing a clean installation into another location is what I recommended.

Cu Selur
Hi @Selur
After installed TensorRT from Nvidia
Some models seem to have TensorRT option.
Do you plan to add Swinir realsr 4x L TensorRT possibility?
Thank you very much
Hybrid uses SwinIR through, since that doesn't offer TensorRT, neither can Hybrid.

Cu Selur
Dear Selur.
In the Hybrid_dev_2022.11.24-165659 version, the filter does not work correctly for me
resizing the SRMD image turns blue. Can you
open any file with this filter in the preview
viewing. I cannot understand something is wrong with me or in
filter. Everything is fine in Hybrid_2022.03.20.1.
I can reproduce the issue, but I have no clue what is causing this.
Hybrid does come with the latest version (R3) of the filter.
Vapoursynth changed to R61, maybe that is related,..

Cu Selur
Okay, I noticed that if I switch the GPU(id) from 0 to 1, which (should be) the igpu of my amd cpu the image is correct.
So I guess this is some driver issue.

Cu Selur
There is an issue about this over at, but it was closed.
I added a comment to it.

Cu Selur
Dear Selur.
Thanks for support.
I have 3 TITAN RTX GPUs but changing (id) did not help. By your link
downloaded ddl version 2. It seems to work, but version 3 is twice as fast.
I confirm the issue.

Moreover in the preview windows is displayed the following text

Vapoursynth preview error: =1[2] [0 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060]  bugsbn1=0  bugbilz=49
Vapoursynth preview error: bugcopc=0  bugihfa=0 [0 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060]  fp16-p/s/a=1/1/1  int8-p/s/a=1/1/1 [0 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060]  subgroup=32  basic=1  vote=1  ballot=1  shuffle=1

I disabled the Intel GPU (to be sure that is never used) and I cannot test the change of GPU.

Moreover the "RealSR" resize is now very, very, very slow

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