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[HELP] AOMEnc Disscusion
Not planning to add neo_f3kdb.Deband to Hybrid, but you can always use it through a custom section.

Cu Selur
New dev build is working fine, all Problems fixed.

My Settings:

Ah, i forgot something again to ask, sorry  Big Grin

Can you adjust the AOMenc ETA timer? Or can you set it in like Before in AOM 3.4 that it shows every Frame as percentage under "Base" in the log? I dont know if i already had question that, so please apologize if im asking that again. Or can you adjust the bar, so i can roughly see the progress of the encoding like in Staxrip?

[Image: DBXcE0N.png]

its confusing the pecentage is on 5 - 6% and the Video is already nearly finished. (1min30sec clip)

New Dev Version working fine, f3kdb neo working fine, difference are very small, yes you have to look very carefully, need to test it more on different sources so i can say its not encoding fluctuations.

ive also tested the new TemporalDegrain2 2.6.3 from ErazorTT Selur have updated in earlier Versions, its also working very fine and is a bit better in total then 2.4.3.

clip, degrainTR=2, grainLevel=2, postFFT=3, postSigma=3, SrchClipPP=3, outputStage=1 is like (degrainTR=1, postFFT=3, postSigma=3) in 2.4.3.

Can you allow --bitrate-mode 2,27 vbr for Audio like in Staxrip? I can only choose 2 or 3.

i hope AOM 3.6.0 or the next Version is coming soon, mid or end February.

[Image: d35c6fbeb5dd7a5e9bf2b2ed16d5b3c4.gif]

Quote:Can you allow --bitrate-mode 2,27 vbr for Audio like in Staxrip?
Assuming you are referring to fdkaacenc.:
Do you get different outputs with 2 compared to 2,9 since for me the output is the same with the samples I tried using 2 and 2,97 I got exactly the same output.
Tried with multiple different ~2hour as sources, for each the outputs when using '--bitrate-mode 2' and '--bitrate-mode 2,97 are identical.

Cu Selur

Ah, ok, never tried it before i wrote. I will try that.

Is there any way i can control, Hybrid is not using OutputStage=2 in TemporalDegrain2? I looked in your, and there is OutputStage=2, thats a bit to much for Grainlevel 2 in many cases.

In Custon or something?

AOM v3.6.0-rc1 has appeared:
Quote:New encoder option "kf-max-pyr-height": Maximum height of pyramid structure used for the GOP starting with a key frame (-1 to 5)
So -1 = ???, 0 = no pyramid ?

Maybe I'll try to build the new version on the weekend using speed improvement are always nice.
Since the command line one got additional option, you can use Hybrid and add those option through the command line addition.

Cu Selur
I have no Idea what -1 means, kf-max-pyr-height should stay like --gf-max-pyr-height 5 like in default i think, no real idea.

If you want good Encoding Speed increase and a bit additional Bitrate savings for 1% - maybe max. 2% Quality loss in little random details, use --enable-tpl-model=0 in v3.5.0

[Image: uXppsnc.png]

Im using CPU 3, --enable-tpl-model=0 and CQ21 in most cases and its fast as CPU4, --enable-tpl-model=1 and CQ19 for and looks still better than CPU4 with TPL 1.
Quote:I have no Idea what -1 means, kf-max-pyr-height should stay like --gf-max-pyr-height 5 like in default i think, no real idea
I checked the source code:
.kf_max_pyr_height = ARG_DEF(
      NULL, "kf-max-pyr-height", 1,
      "Maximum height of pyramid structure used for the GOP starting with a "
      "key frame (-1 to 5). When set to -1 (default), it does not have any "
      "effect. The actual maximum pyramid height will be the minimum of this "
      "value and the value of gf_max_pyr_height."),
Okay, so kf-max-pyr-height doesn't really set the maximum height of pyramid structure, max height would be:
min(kf_max_pyr_height, gf_max_pyr_height)
but 5 is not the default.

Cu Selur
so -1 sounds good  Big Grin i dont want to mess them things up.

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