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[HELP] AOMEnc Disscusion
Thanks for the new dev Version.

Seems to working fine. Comparing it additional in Staxrip too.

Speed was 9 Seconds more with the new aomenc (Staxrip), that could be fluctuation, investigating that later.

apparently the ETA timer has finally been fixed.

[Image: image.png?width=705&height=30]

From Augurs Staxrip with the new AOMenc version, but i was not able to reproduce it in Staxrip, even with ffms2 Source i was not able to see it. I have no idea why, maybe because he uses an Intel Processor that use other Instructions? I have no Idea, need to investigate this later.

EDIT: seems its depend on if you are using and Intel or AMD Processor with different Instruction Set, on Augurs Desktop AMD its also not wokring like my one. On his Intel Notebook, the ETA Timer is working.

ETA Timer seems to be bugged, on new source on the same Intel Processor, ETA Timer isnt working anymore in Staxrip. Strange.
No, clue, best ask the author of StaxRip.
Yes, i have to somehow Big Grin

Is there a way it will work on Hybrid properly, u can have a look into this? Maybe we just need to wait for v3.6.0 non rc build. Seems that they ahve changed something on the ETA Timer but isnt working properly by Encoder or by Staxrip.
Not really much I can do about it.
aomencs progress indication is simply a mess for piped input, something like:
Pass 2/2 frame   49/24       698B 5978024 us 8.20 fps [ETA  unknown]   27F
doesn't really say much, so any toll trying to estimate an ETA from that is kind of lost.

Cu Selur
v3.6.0-rc3 has been released:

What have changed? I dont get it.

They have withdrawnSupport multi-threading for deltaq-mode = 3, --allintra mode, 2x - faster than before.?

+    * aomedia:3369 Incorrect PSNR values reported by libaom for 12-bit
+      encode. ?????
Quote:They have withdrawnSupport multi-threading for deltaq-mode = 3, --allintra mode, 2x - faster than before.?
they removed that from the changelog, so seems like they thought it worked, but it did not.
Kannst du die Version bauen? Oder kannst du kurz erklären wie man die baut? Habe zwar Visual Stuido 2022 und auch Desktop Entwicklung mit C++ und mal versucht den VVCEnc mal mit CMake und Visual Studio als Release zu machen, aber irgendwie hat das nicht so richtig funktioniert wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe, über die Shell konnte nicht wirklich ein Video enkodieren, das hat nur 5 frames oder so von 1000 gemacht, ich versuche es nochmal, aber wäre cool wenn du da eine andere Möglichkeit kennst.


Oops, i wrote this in german, i asked if he can build v3.6.0-rc3 or he can quickly explain how to build it self.
I usually use MBAS ( for building the binaries Hybrid uses on Windows.

Cu Selur
ah, yeah, this thing, i will try it out, thanks.

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