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[HELP] AOMEnc Disscusion
There are two
Hybrid already supports
under "aomenc->Quantization/Filtering->Filter" in the dev version.

Cu Selur

cmd parameter line repetition

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I will fix that.
=> send you link via pm
Anyone having experience with AOM reencoding HDR Content from a x265 file that is HDR and i want to reencode it 1 by 1.

[Image: isjjcwP.png]

I have the Problem again, the brightness is too strong in the reeoncoded file, it seems aom is not taking over the color primaries, transfer characteristics... Even i if i set them Manually .
I don't think you can add DolbyVision HDR (or HDR10+) data to av1 streams, since I suspect that, like with HEVC they would need to be embedded into the video stream.
In HEVC this is done through:
but I am not aware that there is a way to do this with any av1 encoder or that this would even be supported by any decoder.

My guess is, that you only set the normal HDR10 metadata, not the dynamic metadata and thus only use the HDR10 compatibility.

If you use mkv as container, you might also have to set the HDR10 metadata in the mkv container. Can't remember who, but a while ago some user had this issue that HDR wasn't working with his player and we figured it out that the player for mkv only read the metadata from the container.

Cu Selur
Hi Selur,

Can you untie --lag-in-frames from 2pass options in the next Hybrid Version in the Frame Tab? its greyed out when seleceted any 2-Pass mode, but its working fine with CQ Constant Quality / Constant Quantizer in Staxrip. Maximum effecvtive is --lag-in-frames 48 and default is 35 not 25, this can make a visible difference in some cases as i found out. (Still only costs more Ram) Earlier it was tied to 2-Pass as i read on google search, but i think its not anymore as i have tested and some people using it together with --end-usage=q --cq-level=.

Staxrip also shows me lag in frames 48 is in use.
[Image: HUPcRGv.png]

Somehow the guy from XMediaRecode have got the ETA Timer for AOM v3.6 running. But i think XmediaRecode is using ffmpeg or something or an internal ETA Timer, dunno, thats something Augur have found out and i have tested too.

Send you a link to a dev version for testing,..

Cu Selur
Thanks, working fine, i have uploaded 3 testfiles i have made.
AOMenc v3.6.1-rc1 has been released.


2023-05-05 v3.6.1
  This release includes several bug fixes. This release is ABI
  compatible with the last release.
  - Bug Fixes
    * aomedia:2871: Guard the support of the 7.x and 8.x levels for AV1
      under the CONFIG_CWG_C013 config flag, and only output the 7.x and
      8.x levels when explicitly requested.
    * aomedia:3382: Choose sb_size by ppi instead of svc.
    * aomedia:3384: Fix fullpel search limits.
    * aomedia:3388: Replace left shift of xq_active by multiplication.
    * aomedia:3389: Fix MV clamping in av1_mv_pred.
    * aomedia:3390: set_ld_layer_depth: cap max_layer_depth to
    * aomedia:3429: Move lpf thread data init to lpf_pipeline_mt_init().
    * b:266719111: Fix undefined behavior in Arm Neon code.
    * b:269840681: nonrd_opt: align scan tables.
    * rtc: Fix is_key_frame setting in variance partition.
    * Build: Fix build with clang-cl and Visual Studio.
    * Build: Fix module definition file for MinGW/MSYS.

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