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Full Version: x265 to xvid doesn't work
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looks like I can't uninstall PowerShell cause it doesn't existing in app function. Only thing I can is disable.. something called... camera PowerShell (First Screen).

Ofcourse I did it and Hybrid still don't want cooperate.
Strange thing is that the calls seem to be correct and Xvid encoding does work fine here.
If you have another antivirus/firewall software running on that machine try whether disabling it helps.

Cu Selur
I can disable only windows firewall. I don't have antivir. Maybe it's system problem, which is no chance to find. Anyway thanks for trying Smile

sorry for renew this thread. I wanted to try once more. I discovered that coversion is doing like u said. Just processing bar isn't sbowing. It's iritating bug. 
It's also weird cause he is showing when convert audio. When start to processing video Just dissappear. I musi something install? Or what could be wrong? 

Thanks for your time
Okay, it's just the progress indication try deleting (or renaming) Hybrid\64bit\xvid_encraw.exe, restarting Hybrid, recreating the job and running the job. Hybrid should now use mencoder as Xvid encoder.
If that helps it's an issue with xvid_encode indicating the progress.

Cu Selur
Might have found something that could explain your problem.
-> will send you a link to a dev version via pm in a few minutes, delete old jobs and try with a new job with that version and report back.

Cu Selur
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