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[HELP] Telecine Vatiations Problems, Fixes and Questions...
Probably animations like these need some smarter frames extraction methods.
Sort of somehow auto detect:
Is there is a normal 5 frames cycle (3 progressive, 2 interlaced)
Is there some 1 frame progressive, 1 interlaced cycle.
Or if there some other unusual pattern (like 4 frames progressive, 1 interlaced)
And based on this detection somehow select better frames based on detection of line jaggies and line smoothness.

Guess this is near impossible in real life Smile

It just feels very offensive that all good frames are there and potentially they may be extracted somehow back to normal looking original 23.976 clip without any additional post processing and smoothing filters. But detelecine filters can't do it perfectly due that "variable telecine" pattern. Or we just miss some secret about proper processing of this animation.
I got some feedback from authors of good looking DVD rips:

"Used the Yatta software, in which you can detect patterns and enforce them (for the 3:2 sections) as weell as do other manual stuff like freezeframing the cuts where one field is missing and you can also select the 30fps sections so that they don't get decimated, the software generates timecode files for you and the end file is VFR then - 24fps where it was IVTCed and 30fps elsewhere.
It was an awful lot of work to do it that way (besides watching out for 60i fades done on top of the ^ and having to apply debanding in places)"

Yatta software is some very special Avisynth tool

So it is possible to autodetect those variable telecine patterns, but it is not a one click workflow.

There is also YATTA for VapourSynth (real name: Wobbly)
Yeah, I know Yatta&Wobbly, but I probably would simply bob and filter the clip instead of spening the time to create vfr content from it.

Quote:So it is possible to autodetect those variable telecine patterns, but it is not a one click workflow.
Not really auto detection if you have to tweak tons of values, but yeah it's possible just not with simple VIVTC/TIVTC; like I wrote before AnimeIVTC might also be up for the job.

Cu Selur
Seems there is a quick and easy problem fix provided by PRAGMA here

Any chance to implement PD2V class of pvsfunc directly in Hybrid UI somewhere in future?
Somewhere in the future: may be
Any time soon: no
On MacOS: Probably not unless I either find a way to make python portable or give the user has to manage the python environment etc. on it's own.
also since relies on DGIndex D2V project files the question is whether the project files created by d2vwitch contain the all the info the d2v files from DGIndex contain (not sure whether DG included some additional meta data), since DGIndex is not available on MacOS.
On Windows with a special addOn for it: may be, but probably not.

Cu Selur
Yes, that is not optimistic...
After some further thinking about it, the python portable might not be the problem since Python must be present to use Vapoursynth to begin with.
But the other points are all valid. So I don't plan it for the forseeable future atm.

Cu Selur

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