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[HELP] 25i to 29.97i with interpolation
Quote:So I need to set ProRes to Interlacing = Top, set De-Interlacing to NONE, is there anthing else I need to set for interlaced output?
"De-Interlacing to NONE" => No, so not touch that option, if the input is interlaced and the output is interlaced Hybrid will do everything right.
(btw. I would recommend using a custom section like I mentioned)

Cu Selur
So I leave De-Interlacing -> QTGMC on as it is loaded by default?
Quote:So I leave De-Interlacing -> QTGMC on as it is loaded by default?
Yes, that setting specifies the 'Auto deinterlace handling', read the tool-tip.
Quote:Deinterlace handling:
Sets what method will be used to deal with non-progressive content assuming the output isn't marked as interlaced in the encoder.
Hybrid does only deinterlace if:
a. the source is non-progressive
b. the output is not interlaced
- If your source is flagged as interlaced, but in reallity is progressive: overwrite the scan type.
- If your source is flagged progressive, but in reallity interlaced: overwrite the scan type.
- If your source is progressive and properly flagged, do not worry Hybrid will not try to deinterlace the source.
=> Do not set this to 'none', unless you really know what you are doing and what are the consequences are when using Hybrid with this setting set to 'none'.

Cu Selur
So no need to set QTGMC via Misc -> Script -> Filter Interlace Handling -> Fast

as per earlier in this thread?
No, that is still needed.

When filtering interlaced content with filters that only support progressive content you got 2 choices:
1. split the content into fields and treat them as source with half the height ('separate fields'). (since each field has only half the height)
Downside is this that temporal dependencies and thus temporal filtering will work on different content. Which can negatively impact temporal filtering. (The next 'frame' isn't a frame but a shifted 'field')
2. bob deinterlace the source and reinterlace it later. This is what "QTGMC via Misc -> Script -> Filter Interlace Handling ->QTGMC(preset="Fast")" does. It tells Hybrid to use bob deinterlacing and reinterlace later.

Cu Selur
I'm working on another PAL 25i SD upscale to 1080i 25fps. I seem to be having problems with the preview window - it loads, but I am unable to scroll through the video to see the filter effects, as it keeps jumping back to the start of the video.
If you close the preview and open it again, it would probably show the problem:
R e s i z e   e r r o r :   R e s i z e   e r r o r   3 0 7 4 :   u n r e c o g n i z e d   t r a n s f e r   c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s   ( 1 / 0 / 0   = >   0 / 0 / 0 ) .   M a y   n e e d   t o   s p e c i f y   a d d i t i o n a l   c o l o r s p a c e   p a r a m e t e r s .
-> iirc this should be fixed in the current Hybrid version.

Cu Selur
Same error in the latest version. Sad
Okay, I then need a debug output (from the latest release) and some details.

Cu Selur

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